Turkish Military to open new military base in Somalia.

A Turkish Army Special Force Soldier

The Turkish Military has just inked the deal to open a massive military base in Somalia in the same region as the Chinese in Djibouti. The base will commerce operations in September 2017 in the capital Mogadishu.

Turkish defence minister reported that more than 1.500 Turkish troops will likely be stationed there and it will be Turkeys largest oversea base in history. The construction of the base cost about $50 million USD and can train more than 500 soldiers at a time.
Turkish troops are currently training Somalian National Army soldiers in the fight against Al shabbab. The base would also house three military schools, depots and lodgings for soldiers.

Somalian has been in savage conflict fr the past few years and has been propped up by numerous countries in its fight against Islamic terrorists which has killed millions and devastated the economy of the country.

Ekene Lionel

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