The Best Military in Africa 2019

The Top Best Military in Africa in 2019

If you are a defense of military enthusiast and live in Africa, you must have come across the million dollar question.

No 1) The Egyptian Military

The most powerful military in Africa is Egypt. The Egyptian Military complex is so massive and huge that it is probably out of Africa’s standard. The Egyptian Military is responsible for the overall defense of Egypt and it’s interest. It consist of:

  • Egyptian Air Force 
  • Egyptian Navy
  • Egyptian Army
  • Egyptian Air Defense Force.

It was established in 1922  and it’s headquaters is located in Cairo the country’s capital. The Egypian military has currently have its Active personnel at around 438,500 troops with a further 480000 reserved Personnel making it the 12th largest in the whole world.
It has a budget of more than USD $6 Billion which the United States provides USD $2 Billion in aid yearly. This account for a 3.4% GDP in the countries annual budget.

The Egyptian military has fought many wars since its establishment which includes but not restricted to:
World War II
1984 Arab-Israeli War
Egyptian Revolution of 1952
Yom Kippur War
Tripartite Aggression
North Yemeni Civil War
Six Day War
Nigerian Civil War
War of Attrition
War on Terror
First Libyan Civil War
Second Libyan Civil War
October War
Libya-Egyptian War
Gulf War
Egyptian Revolution of 2011
Sinai Insurgency
And a host of other lesser conflicts.

The Egyptian military also participate in a lot of Military and Defense related exercises (MILEX) such as ‘Bright Star’.

The Egyptian Military is supplied by various countries which includes but not restricted to:

  • United States
  • Russia
  • France
  • China
  • Italy
  • United Kingdom
  • China
  • Brazil
  • e.t.c.

Egypt Military is the fulcrum that ties the stability in the region since Egypt is highly respected by all country in the Middle East and Europe by both allies and foes. The Egyptian Military is the Strongest in all Arab states and Africa and although not a NATO member, its remains a very valuable partner to that organisation.

The Egyptian military has considerable influence in the country because it has alot of control in th countries politics, economics, business, infrastructure, manufacturing, real estate and others.

Egyptian Army

The strongest military in Africa 2019

The Egyptian Army is the Best, Strongest and Most Powerful Army in all of Africa due to its immerse size in terms of equipment and manpower. Although it still uses conscript which serve for between 12 and 36 months and at the age of between 18 and 30, but the conscripts are very professional and highly trained with most of them having attained various university degrees.

The Egyptian Army assembles its own M1 Abrams main battle tank which was developed and currently in use by the United States Army. An Infantry force of 320000 personnel, It has a total of 1700 MBTs of different designs which is by far greater than all the tanks found in different African regions combined.

Egyptian Army Equipment

List of Egyptian Army Main Battle Tanks

  • M1 Abrams (1130)
  • T-90 (500)
  • T-80 (34)
  • T-62 (500)
  • T-55 (3400
  • RAMSES II (425)
  • M60 Patton (1716)
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List of Egyptian Army MRAPS

  • Caiman
  • RG-33
  • International MaxxPro
  • Casspir
The strongest military in Africa 2019

List of Egyptian Army Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)

  • EIFV (1200)
  • SIFV (800)
  • YPR-765 PRI (1030)
  • BMP-1 (220)

List of Egyptian Army Armored Personnel Carrier (APC)

  • M113 (2447)
  • BTR-50 (250)
  • OT-62 TOPAS (250)
  • Pegaso BMR-600 (250)
  • PTS-M (350)
  • K-61 (180)
  • Walid MK II (650)
  • OT-64 SCOT
  • BTR-60 (200)
  • BTR-152  (175)
  • RG-32 Scout (180)
  • HMMWV (4000+)
  • Fahd (635)
  • Nimr
  • Shepa
  • Tiger kader-120 (650)
  • Tiger kader-320 (820)
  • BTR-40 (230)
  • Cadilac Cage Commando (300)
  • BRDM-2 (300)
  • Panthera
  • Hotspur HUSSARD (110)

List of Egyptian Army Rockets

  • Scud (72 launchers/300 missiles)
  • Frog-7 (18 launchers/288 missiles)
  • Sakr-80 (60 launchers/360 missiles)
  • VAP-80 (250 Launchers)
  • M270
  • K-136 Kooryong (36 launchera)
  • BM-21 (200)
  • BM-24 (48 units)
  • RM-51
  • Type 63 (250 launchers)

List of Egyptian Army Artillery and Mortar

  • M-110 (144)
  • M-111
  • M-109 (621)
  • M-120 (120)
  • M-125 (350)
  • 2B14 Podnos (750)
  • M-1938 (100)
  • M-1943 (160)
  • M-224 (1800)
  • M-252 (1750)
  • Helwan M-69
  • Helman UK-2 (600)
  • Helman 60 mm (24500)
  • M-30 (530)
  • M-240 (24)
  • M-1944 (200)
  • M-43 (240)
  • 2B11 Sani (300)
  • M-992
  • S-23 (24)
  • GH-52 (400)
  • D-20 (150)
  • ML-20 (100)
  • M-46 (420)
  • D-30 (724)
  • D-74
  • A-19 (50)
  • BS-3
  • T-122
  • T-100
  • ISU-152
  • SU-100
  • List of Egyptian Army Anti-Tank systems
  • RPG-7 (200,000+)
  • M72 LAW
  • Milan II (220+)
  • Swingfire (260+)
  • BMG-71D (TOW) (1500+)
  • AGM-114 (Hellfire) (1000+)
  • AT-1 snapper
  • AT-2 Swatter
  • AT-3 Sagger
  • AT-5 Spandrel
  • AT-13 Saxhorn
  • HJ-8

List of Egyptian Army Anti-Man Portable Air Defense (MANPAD) systems

  • Sakr Eye (2500+)
  • Stinger(1800+)
  • Igla (600+)

Summary of the Egyptian Army equipment

  • Total Infantry =450000
  • Total Tanks = 4,110
  • Total IFV = (4000)
  • Total APC = (6000)
  • Total MRAPS (3,949)
  • Total Artillery = (3300)
  • Total Rockets = 1481

Egyptian Navy

The strongest military in Africa 2019

The Egyptian Navy is without a doubt the Best, Strongest and Most Powerful Navy in all of Africa considering that its fleet is unmatched anywhere else in Africa. The Egyptian Navy is the first to operate an Helicopter Carrier in Africa, a feat we all thought was impossible considering the continents economic and financial prospect. The ancient Egyptian Navy was brought to limelight when they fought and defeated the Ottoman empire for their freedom.

Egyptian Navy Equipment

According to the Egyptian Navy website, The navy’s headquarters main base is located at Alexandria. Its size 32,500 seamen as of 2014 with a total Naval asset of 319. It also operates a formidable aviation fleet.

The Egyptian Navy is divided into two fleets- one in the Mediterranean sea and one in the Red Sea. The Egyptian Coast Guard is also under the Navy and is responsible for the coastal protection from smuggling and piracy. The Egyptian Navy also includes a Special Force unit (SEAL) and an Egyptian Marine unit.

Egyptian Navy warships in formation.
Egyptian Navy warships in formation.

List of Egyptian Naval Aviation Aircraft

List of Egyptian Navy Fighter And Attack Aircraft

  • Dassault Rafale
  • Lockheed Martins F-16 Fighting Falcon

List of Egypyian Navy Electronic Warfare (EW) Aircraft

  • Northrop Grumman E-2 Hawkeye

List of Egyptian Navy Helicopters

  • Aerospatiale Gazelle
  • Kaman SH-2G Super Seasprite
  • Westland Seaking NH90
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List of Egyptian Navy Ships

List of Egyptian Navy Helicopter Carriers

  • Mistral class (2 units)
Egyptian Navy Egypt gets second Mistral carrier from France
Egyptian Navy Egypt gets second Mistral carrier from France

List of Egyptian Navy Submarines

  • Type 209/1400 class submarine (4 units)
  • Type 033 Romeo-class submarine (4 units)
First Egyptian Navy Type 209/1400 submarine arrives to Egypt
First Egyptian Navy Type 209/1400 submarine arrives to Egypt

List of Egyptian Navy Frigates

  • FREMM Aquitaine-class (1 unit)
  • Oliver Hazard Perry class (4 units)
  • Knox class (2 units)
  • Jianghu II class (2 units)

List of Egyptian Navy Corvettes

  • Gowind class (4 units)
  • Descubierta class (2 units)

List of Egyptian Navy Landing Ships

  • Polnocny-A class (3 units)
  • Vydra class (9 units)
  • EDA-R class (2 units)
  • CTM-NG class (4 units)

List of Egyptian Navy Missile Craft & Gunboats

  • Ambassador MK III class (4 units)
  • P-32 Molniya class (1 unit)
  • October class (6 unit)
  • Type 024 class (6 units)
  • Osa class (8 units)
  • Ramadan Class (6 units)
  • Tiger class (5 units)
  • Shanghai II class (4 units)

List of Egyptian Navy ASW & Patrol boats

  • Hainan class (8 units)

List of Egyptian Navy Minesweepers & Minehunters

  • T43 class (5 units)
  • Yurka class (4 units)
  • Dhat Al Sawari class (3 units)
  • Osprey Minehunter (2 units)
  • Pluto plus class (2 units)
  • Tuima class (4 units)

List of Egyptian Navy Troops Transport Ships

  • Type 701E class (1 units)
  • Westerwald class (1 units)
  • Poluchat II class (2 units)
Egyptian navy special forces with Beretta ARX-160 rifles
Egyptian navy special forces with Beretta ARX-160 rifles

Summary of the Egyptian Navy Ships

  • Total Naval Assets = 319
  • Total Helicopter Carrier = 2
  • Total Frigate = 9
  • Total Corvette = 2
  • Total Submarine = 5
  • Total Patrol craft strenght = 227
  • Total Mine warfare craft =  23

Egyptian Air Force

The strongest military in Africa 2019

The 8th largest air force in the whole world with 1132 combined aircraft fleet. The Egyptian Air Force is the Best, Strongest and Most Powerful Air Force in all of Africa.  It ranks number 1 in Africa and is responsible for the all the airborne defense of Egypt. The Air Force motto is: ‘Higher for the sake of Glory’ hich clearly explains the reason for its massive size.

The Egyptian Air Force was established in 1932 but was seperated from the Army in 1937. With a size of total size of 50,000 airmen, including 20,000 reservist. The Egyptian Air Force Headquarters is located in Nasr City, Cairo. It operates aircrafts from both sides of the globe (That is- U.S. and Russian) at the same time. The Egyptian Air Force has the distinct identity of operating the two most advanced attack helicopters in the planet- AH-64 ‘Apache’ and the Russian made Kamov Ka-52 ‘Black Shark’.  The Egyptian Air Force opertes in 20 air bases across the country.

Egyptian Air Force Engagements

  1. 1948 Arab-Isreali War
  2. Auez Crises
  3. North Yemen Civil War
  4. Six-Day War
  5. Nigerian Civil War
  6. Yom Kippur War
  7. Shaba-1
  8. Libyan-Egypt War
  9. Sinai Insurgency
  10. Second Libyan Civil War
  11. Intervention in Yemen
  12. And a host of other lesser conflicts.
  13. The Egyptian military also participate in a lot of Military and Defense related exercises (MILEX) such as ‘Bright Star’.

List of Egyptian Air Force Equipment


List of Egyptian Air Force’s Aircraft

Lists of Egyptian Air Force’s Fighters

The strongest military in Africa 2019
  • Mikoyan MiG-35 (46 units)
  • Dassault Rafale (11 with 24 awaiting delivery)
  • F-16 Fighting Falcon (220 units)
  • Dassault Mirage 2000 (18 units)
  • Chengdu J-7 (60 units)
  • Mikoyan MiG-21 FishBed(33 units)
  • F-4 Phantom
  • Dassault Mirage V (82 units)

Lists of Egyptian Air Force AEW&C

  • E-2C Hawkeye 2000

Lists of Egyptian Air Force Transport Aircraft

  • C-130 Hercules (26 units)
  • EADS CASA C-295 (24 units)
  • Antonov An-74 (3 units)
  • Beechcraft 1900 (10 units)
  • Beachcraft superKing Air (1 unit)
  • DHC-5 Buffalo (8 units)

Lists of Egyptian Air Force Helicopters

Lists of Egyptian Air Force Attack & Scout Helicopters

  • AH-64 Apache (43 units)
  • Kamov Ka-52 Blackshark (46 units)
  • SA-342 Gazelle (90 units)

Lists of Egyptian Air Force Transport & Patrol Helicopter

  • AgustaWestland AW109 (3 units)
  • AgustaWestland AW139 (2 units)
  • Boeing CH-47D Chinook (19 units)
  • Mil Mi-8T/MI-17-1V (60 units)
  • Westland SeaKing (23 units)
  • Kaman SH-2G Super Seasprite (17 units)

Lists of Egyptian Air Force Trainer & Attack

  • Air Tractor AT-802U (12 units)
  • Alpha jet (45 units)
  • EMB 312 Tucano (54 units)
  • GROP G-115 Tutor (74 units)
  • K-8E Karakorum (120 units)
  • L-59 Albatross (47 units)

Lists of Egyptian Air Force UAV

  • CAIG CH-4B
  • CAIG Wing Loong
  • Patroller
  • Camcopter
  • Model-324 Scarab
  • R4E-50 Sky Eye
  • ASN-209
  • ASN-15
  • Aeryon Scout
  • Lipan M3
  • Yarara
  • Nostromo Cabure

Summary of the Egyptian Air Force equipment
Total Aircraft platforms = 1132
Total Fighter aircraft = 337
Total Attack aircraft = 427
Total transport aircraft = 260
Total trainer aircraft  = 384
Total Helicopter strenght = 257
Total attack helicopters =  46

Egyptian Air Defense Force

The Egyptian Air Defense Force (EADF) is a separate branch of the Egyptian Military dif ferent from the Air Force or Army. It is saddled with the responsibility of protecting Egypt against aerial attack. The Egyptian Air Defense Force has a diverse range of equipment which are sourced from both the Western and Eastern part of the world.

The Egyptian airspace is the most secure piece of real estate in the whole of Africa due to the efforts of the EADF.

EADF Engagements

  • World War II
  • 1948 Arab–Israeli War
  • Tripartite Aggression
  • Six-Day War
  • War of Attrition
  • October War
  • Gulf War

Egyptian Air Defense Force Equipment

The Egyptian Military has the only available military satellite in the Middle East and the whole of Africa.

List of Egyptian Air Defense Force Surface-to-Air Missile Systems

The strongest military in Africa 2019
  • S-300 (3 battalions)
  • Volga (100 units)
  • Buk (Unknown numbers)
  • MIM-23 Hawk (62 units)
  • Pechora 2M (70 Units)
  • Kub (56 units)
  • AN/TWQ 1 Avengers (75 units)
  • Crotale (36 units)
  • Tor (16 units)
  • MIM-72 Chaparral (80 units)
  • Strela 1 (20 units)

List of Egyptian Air Defense Force anti-aircraft artillery

M113 AA
Shilka (40 units)
M35/59 Praga
Oerlikon GDF 35 mm (72 units)
ZPU (200 units)
ZU-23-2 (280 units)
ZU-52-2 (40 units)
61-K (700 units)
S-60 (600 units)
52-K (400 units)
KS-19 (200 units)
KS-30 (120 units)

EADF new S-300

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