The US would invade West Africa in 2023 – Pentagon

African Military Blog protests in the strongest form the use of West African soil as any form of depiction of violence in whatever form it may take….. West Africa is and would continue being peaceful now and in the nearest future.

Yes you read correctly!! The United States Military would likely attack West Africa in the coming year 2023 this is according to a leaked  declassified documents detailing the United States military’s strategic future war plans made by strategic thinkers and planners.

The US would invade West Africa in 2023 – Pentagon

Map of the possible future conflict zones
This controversial war game was conducted in 2016 by experts from the US WAR COLLEGE where the military’s future Top brass are made. Under the unified umbrella of  Joint Land, Air and Sea Strategic Special Program (JLASS-SP) brought together 148 students from the U.S. Air Force’s Air War College, the Army War College, the Marine Corps War College, the Naval War College, the Eisenhower School for National Security and Resource Strategy, the National War College, and the National Defense University’s Information Resources Management College.
The team analysed the possibility of an attack on US soil through various digital telecommunications media for a period of five days at the Air Force Wargaming Institute at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama.
This information was gotten through the United States the Freedom of Information Act by an online News media outlets based in the United States. The full details of the exercise can be downloaded here.
A depiction of a combat zone in a West African city
According to the published documents, “intended to reflect a plausible depiction of major trends and influences in the world regions,” in other words, prepare the United States Military for a possible future combat situation where they have to act decisively.

By 2021, according to the war game’s scenario, AQIM boasts an estimated 38,000 members spread throughout Algeria, Mali, Mauritania, and Niger, and a network of training camps in Mauritania, as well as outright bases in Western Sahara . At the same time, AQIM strengthens its ties with the terror groups al Shabaab in Somalia and Boko Haram in Central Africa’s Lake Chad Basin to create a “network of synchronization across the African continent and beyond,” including shared funding, training methods, and IED-making materials. As this pan-African Islamist terror cartel grows, so does AQIM’s global reach, eventually allowing it to carry out the devastating attack on the Lincoln Tunnel and another, that same day, on the Canadian Embassy in Nouakchott, Mauritania’s capital, killing 135 people including the Canadian Ambassador and his staff.

This is coming at a time when African leaders and citizens alike are questioning the motive behind the numerous US Military presence in and around the continent.The US military has a massive drone base in Niger, a base in Somalia, Mali, Libya and a host of others.
The Nigerian Military stands ever ready to defend the republic
Just last week, the Nigerian president General Mohammad Buhari was tasking all African leaders to unite and speak with one voice in the just concluded D-8 summit held in Turkey recently for the development and security of the African state.
Any assault on W African soil is a direct challenge to the Nigerian authority in the region
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The US is preparing for war in Africa
U.S Military Special Force spotted in Cameroon fighting Boko Haram

It is quite obvious that the United States Military has lost touch with reality, after years of been called the ‘global power’ it is at this point trying desperately to hold on to its declining military and economic dominance. The African region can not and will not be dragged into another needless and bloody fray at such a time when the African people needs stability, infrastructural development, better health care and ultimately prosperity.
The American policies of global interference has been the bane of world peace since time immemorial. A regrettable situation where the US goes around carrying herself as the self-acclaimed world’s  security bulldog.
Having said that, The United States would have to get past China in their quest to ‘free west Africa from Islamic radicalism’ considering that China has more than a Trillion USD invested in the region a sum more likely to skyrocket in the next few years. I firmly believe that the Chinese would not stand by an watch such amount get blown away by some overzealous individuals from the west.
If the US wants to redeem its image from the worlds eyes, it should seek it elsewhere.

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