NNS KARADUWA (P102): Made-in-Nigeria warship

NNS KARADUWA (P102): Made-in-Nigeria warship, Nigerian Navy’s Pride and Joy

Building this warship without foreign help firmly establish Nigeria’s shipbuilding capacity,  bringing her to the exclusive  club of shipbuilding nations… A.M.B



made in nigeria warship nns karaduwa p102

In a world where military technology building capability defines the extent of your country’s overall defense against aggression, the ability to research, design, build and mass produce a wide range of different combat platforms is paramount… A.M.B

Tantamount to national survival.

The growing threat of maritime crimes and vices across the globe screams for the need to enhance naval policing ability of the various maritime law enforcement bodies all over the world.


Capable navies are usually the pride of a country: it’s capital warships are the star players– Engaging foreign naval aggressors with impunity, showering the whole combat area with either gunfire or fast sophisticated missiles.

Despite all it’s sophistication, capital ships are not omnipotent- they cannot do all. For instance, with all its firepower a frigate would find it difficult to tackle sea pirates going 40 knots in a speed boat. This type of threats requires a different kind of ships; lightly armed vessels with powerful engines for high-speed chase.

Such vessels are highly sought after in substantial quantity and quality but unfortunately the pricetag is usually prohibitive.

With this in mind,  the Nigerian Navy began a very ambitious plan to build instead of buy from a foreign supplier an endeavour most likely to benefit the navy and the country in general since it would ultimately be more cost-effective. An added bonus would be the development of the nation’s civil shipbuilding industry.

The NNS Karaduwa (P-102) is a 40 meters naval vessel categorized as a ‘Seaward Defense Boat’ (SBB) a term use to describe a boat capable of operating from the littoral coastal waters down towards the deeper seas. In summary, it is a mid-shore patrol boat something short of a deep ocean-going ship but more capable than a coastal patrol boat.

Dorman Long Engineering was contracted to fabricate the hull and superstructure while the instruments and sensors was done by Blueflag Inc.

It is about 40m long and can do 39 knots (45 mph; 72 km/h) with ease, a necessity when chasing marauding sea criminals.

Ironically, the NNS Karaduwa’s motto is ‘searching for peace.’ while taking peace away from sea criminals. 

Its armament panoply also reflects it’s role-fitted with a 30mm remotely operated gun, two 12.4mm multi-purpose heavy machine guns and a 40mm grenade launcher for taking out hostile speed boats.


It is currently deployed in the volatile Niger-Delta region enforcing the federal government maritime security mandate and showing the flag.

NNS Karaduwa Specifications

Type: Seaward Defense Boat

Builder: Naval Dockyard Limited

Date of Commissioning: 15 December 2016

Motto: Searching for Peace

Length: Approx 40 meter
Speed: 39 knots (45 mph; 72 km/h)
  • 1x 30 mm RWS
  • 2x 12.7 mm HMG
  • 2x 40 mm grenade launchers


NNS Karaduwa (P102) on the drawing board
The fabrication of the hull structure was done upside down first.

Aluminium sheets added to the hull’s skeleton


The hull is set upright.


The hull is then moved to the dry dock for flood testing



The new warship is now ready for commissioning




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