African Military leaders should adopt digital technology to enhance combat capabilities


A digital battlefield network concept

Digital technologies are a powerful tools to enhance military warfighting capabilities and preparing for a future driven by data, autonomous systems and immersive technology.

Most African military forces view digital technology as a luxury for advanced or wealthy nations; others see it as an opportunity. To fully stay in step with the growing and constantly changing world, employing digital technology early is an opportunity to boost the potential for efficiency and battlefield effectiveness. South frica has played a major role in pioneering battlefield digital technological revolutions in Africa and the world.

The use of digital technologies comes from the determination to push back the boundaries of the possible — not only to prepare for the future but to solve very real problems today. The key technologies to take the front-burner in future warfare includes;

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Big Data
  3. Cyber-security and Warfare
  4. Battlefield Network Connectivity
An integrated Air Defence Guidance System concept

With sensors everywhere, commanders will direct manoeuvres based on a complete, constantly updated picture of the situation, receiving details about which units are still in action and where supplies (munitions, fuel, etc.) or medical support are needed.

Culled from Thales Systems e-magazine on Adopting Digital Technologies in Western countries”

Patrick Kenyette

Freelance journalist and Photographer, and regular African Military Blog contributor