Forget Nukes! World War 3 is going to be spectacular. SEE WHY!!! (Part II)

5. Quadcopters Emergence
A military quadcopter launching a drone
China is already home to many of the world’s leading consumer drone builders, like DIY, not to mention a booming military robotics sector. As quadcopter drones get larger, cheaper and smarter its will inevitably get armed with guns or miniature sensors to assist troops in the field.

With the introduction of newer and better propulsion systems, expect a diverse range of quadcopter UAVs to be introduced. 

6. Drones Versus Drones

Well not much is known about the possibility of this occurring but at the rate where numerous countries keeps acquiring drones and robotic systems as their first line of defense/offence then it is quite safe to say that drones will engage each other first in any likely scenario.  

7. Stealth Vs Stealth

In aviation today stealth airplane are fast becoming the most sought after technology Stealth aircraft has the advantage of being almost invincible to some type of radar systems. An aircraft with stealth properties can penetrate most airspace easily if the defender doesn’t have a highly sophisticated air defence system.

Steath planes are the pointy tip of most technologically developed countries and they go in first before any other non-stealthy plane can venture in. Such planes include B-2 stealth bomber. A defending country who possess stealth aircraft will likely send them up for Combat Air Patrols (CAP) over their home territory to deter enemy bombers from penetrating, this will more than likely cause two opposing stealth planes to engage in combat.

8. Drones Swarm Attack Tactics 

Drones working in unison to defeat a target

In a future conflict, expect drones to work independently without human input to some certain degree. Drones would also coordinate with allied UAVs and other platform to swarm and saturate an enemy force in other to overwhelm them.

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