Senegalese Air Force Buys Four L-39 Albatross jet

The Senegalese Air Force has just acquired four Aero Vodochody L-39NG Albatross fighter trainer jets.

According to a press release by Aero Vodochody's President Giuseppe Giordo "The L-39NG aircraft is the new future of Aero Vodochody," he further stated  that. "We also have two additional contracts in a very mature state of negotiation."

The Senegalese President Macky Sally announced the acquisition during the country's national day celebration.

The new Senegalese Air Force L-39NG aircraft is the light attack version, but also capable full training capability. The contract will also provide training of pilots, including conversion, instructor and combat training, maintenance personnel training, spare parts, ground support equipment and logistic support services

As of 2017, the Senegalese Air Force is quite small with just one thousand personnel with few other aircraft and helicopters like the Russian made Mil Mi-35, Mil Mi-2 / Mi-17 / Mi-35 / Eurocopter AS355 / Bell 206, Aerospatiale Epsilon and Embraer Super Tucano for training purposes.

The Aero L-39 Albatros was designed to succeed the Aero L-29 Advanced Trainer and Light Strike Aircraft. The L-39NG advanced trained has completed initial testing, paving the way for serial production aircraft. Power will come from the Williams International FJ44-4M series engine with Genesys Aerosystems providing the avionics fit.


  1. Good one... Senegal is upgrading rapidly.

  2. Patrick Kenyette6 April 2018 at 01:51

    Senegalese Air Force is still quite small so this is a good choice. I believe they'll still increase the number in due time.

  3. They should have gone for the latest L-159 or the Russian Yak-130 instead.

  4. I believe their recent incursion into Gambia to oust the former president Yahya Jammeh was why they opted for the L-39NG.

    Remember only Nigeria deployed fast jets during the operation.


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