South Korea deploys KDX-2 destroyer to Ghana on rescue mission

South Korea deploys KDX-2 destroyer to Ghana on rescue mission
South Korean KDX-2 destroyer
A South Korean KDX-2 guided missiles destroyer is currently in Ghanaian waters to rescue Korean fishermen kidnapped on 26 March.

The destroyer ROKS Mun mu Daewang (976) was operating in the gulf of Aden conducting counter-piracy mission before it was redeployed.

ROKS Mun mu Daewang (976) is sailing with a detachment of 30 special warfare troops, a Super Lynx attack helicopter and various small arms.

The Republic of Korea Navy's KDX-II class destroyers have been designed to perform a wide variety of missions. They are equipped with Standard SM-2, ESSM, and Harpoon missiles and an Mk 45 127mm naval gun, two helicopters, and a Goalkeeper Close-In Weapon System (CIWS).

Currently, Ghanaian Navy special forces personnel are participating in the multinational Obangame Express 2018 exercise.

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  1. This is bad for Ghanaian sovereignty. Ghana doesn't even have a navy to begin with.

  2. Ghana have a navy but it's not formidable.

  3. The rate at which foreign nations ply our waters is alarming. This is a challenge 2 the Nigerian Navy


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