[Exclusive] Demfas Aerosystems signs MoU with Chinese firm on AI System

Demfas Aerosystems one of Nigeria’s technological pioneering start-up has signed a memorandum of Understanding  (MoU) with Enster Electronics – a Chinese technology firm for funding of Demfas Aerosystems’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) developed CCTV systems and also for the Transfer of Technology (ToT) of network encryption security package from Demfas Aerosystems to the Chinese firm.

The signing which happened at Enster Electronics manufacturing facility in Shenzhen China earlier this month is the same facility which houses the final development and production of the Demfas Aerosystems developed CCTV systems.

The MOU which includes funding for 3,000 CCTV systems which will enable Demfas Aerosystems produce and install the CCTV at a cost free price in Nigeria as a test benchmark and also part of the funding expected to be paid to Demfas Aerosystems includes a licence fee for the development of a network encryption security which will enhance Enster electronics products.

The development of the CCTV systems which began in August 2017 has led to the development of 17 prototypes with 12 failed and 5 successful productions. The CCTV systems which boast of smart and advance AI based features such as licence plate recognition to read Nigerian number plates, face recognition capabilities(human facial feature extraction, real-time facial snapshots), advanced video motion detection, metadata collection and analysis, people counting, image search, facial flow, traffic incident detection, traffic data statistics and intruder detection was designed to fit and perfectly address the security situations in Nigeria.

Fasasi Tosin,CEO of Demfas Aerosystems

Fasasi Tosin,CEO of Demfas Aerosystems

Fassasi Tosin with personnel from Enster Electronics

Demfas Aerosystems Signing the MOU with Enster Electronics

The MOU is expected to commence after Demfas Aerosystems files for a patent right covering some components on itsinetwork security encryption which is needed to support the licence of network encryption to Enster electronics.

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Early this year March, In an exclusive interview with African Military Blog, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr Fasasi Dayo of DEMFAS Aerosystem Nigeria spoke about the company’s prospects and activities. He disclosed that the company is making huge progress and are working on having a facility in Nigeria.

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