Rwanda to buy Russian Air Defense System

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9A83 TELAR stowed (Image © Miroslav Gyűrösi ).

The Rwandan Military is currently exploring the possibility of acquiring Russian-made advanced Air Defense systems and other related technology.

The Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov disclosed this after negotiations with his Rwandan counterpart Louise Mushikiwabo on Sunday, he also disclosed that the inter-governmental commission for military and technical cooperation on this regard has been set up since last year 2017.

“We indeed have fairly good cooperation in the military and technical sphere. The Rwandan security forces, army and law-enforcement agencies operate our helicopters. There are also Ural vehicles used by the army and the security service and a whole bunch of small arms. Now the deliveries of air defense systems are being discussed,” Lavrov said.

At the first bilateral session held in Kigali in the summer of 2017, both country agreed to continue cooperation in the area of law-enforcement agencies and special services. Also, in the fight against terrorism, which Sergey stated has also taken root on the African continent.

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The Russian foreign minister believes that there is good prospects for developing cooperation in defense sector for both countries.

‘We are content with how our military and technical cooperation is developing and it has a good history and good prospects,” the Russian foreign minister said.

Other areas both country are exploring is joint projects for the peaceful use of atomic energy in Rwanda.

S-300VM-Battery Battery Components

Various African countries look East for Air Defense Technology
This recent development is coming at a time various African countries are looking Eastwards in fulfilling their Air Defense requirements. Just recently, the Russian Kommersant newspaper confirmed at a meeting of the Commission for Military-Technical Cooperation with Foreign States on 5 March that the Equatorial Guinea has ordered two units of Pantsyr-S1 Air Defense systems.

Similarly, few months ago June 8th to be precise the Egyptian Military began taking delivery of the Russian-made S-300VM/Antey-2000 Surface to Air missile complex.

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Egypt also received a new advanced 3D early warning surveillance radar called 59N6E Protivnik-GE 3D from Russia.

Morocco another African country on February 6th obtained a new sophisticated air defence missile system to its arsenal. The new addition is the Chinese made Sky Dragon 50 medium-ranged air defence system. The Sky Dragon 50 was delivered to the Royal Moroccan Armed Forces on December, 2017.

While the Senegalese Air Force has ordered an unspecified number of Thales Ground Master 400 long-range air surveillance radars.

The first set would be delivered in 2019. The system would be integrated with the country’s already existing SkyView command-and-control system mounted at Ouakam Air Base in Dakar.

Recall that in March 2016, Nigeria under a heavy cloak of secrecy acquired some old Soviet era 36D6 NATO code name [Tin Shield] mobile Air Defence Radar for its Air Force.

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