[Exclusive] Tribute to the Nigerian Soldier

Written by Akinlolu Akinola (Twitter: @omoakin77)

Our Peace, their Scars…

Only a life lived for others is a life worth while.

Albert Einstein.

What started as civil disturbance became a full scale terrorist war,and never in the history of our military has it Men been this over stretch.

A war which started as a result of a dysfunctional system and mediocre Government.

The mass killing and casualties of our servicemen bear witness to a war that thrives on lack of proper intelligence gathering, insufficient modern warfare and guerrilla machine, lack of proper training on non conventional war,etc.

Our soldiers remain distraught, demoralized and became a victim due to no fault of their own, and lack of properly structures incentives, and cares while discharging their duties to the the nation.

Their wives became widows, their children became orphans , no more dignity and honor in serving their father land.They bear the scars of war, for us to enjoy peace.

Thank you for making us proud, we salute you for your courage and doggedness while fighting our common enemy.

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Hug a soldier.

Take a selfie.

Say thank you to a soldier.

Let them know that effort of our heroes past and alive on the battlefield is not in vain.

Pictures Speaks more than words

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