Morroccan military to receive advance S-400 Surface-to-Air complex

It appears that the Moroccan military would soon be receiving the S-400 Triumf surface-to-air missile defense complex from Russia. This move is to boost the Kingdoms fledgling air defense network.

photo credits Sputniks

This development is coming on the heels of the visit of the Russian Prime minister  Medvedev Dmitry last October in which about eleven different bilateral agreement was signed with military cooperation a key focus.


  1. Egyptian military just received advanced S-300 Surface to Air system.
  2. Infographics by Business Insider

    According to the manufacturer, the S-400 has 95% chance of destroying a target in most conditions. The most advanced air defense system in the world. However,  Russia has made it clear to prospective buyers that it will only sell the system to foreign countries after its own military requirements are fulfilled.

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