Nigerian Air Force Regiment acquires Paramount Marauder MRAP

The Nigerian Air Force Regiment, the land warfare component of the Nigerian Air Force has taken into its possession the South African Paramount Marauder MRAP.

Photos showing NAF Regiment soldiers in front of the Marauder MRAP surfaced online. The NAF Marauder MRAPs are spotting the desert camouflage scheme indicating that they are being deployed in the Northeast region combating Boko Haram.

Senior Vice President of Paramount Group, Eric Ichikowitz, stated that, “We are privileged to work alongside the Nigerian Air Force, commending, through the acquisition and deployment of the Marauder, their continued commitment to enhancing their national defence and internal security capabilities and prowess.

“Nigeria’s Government also understands not only the leadership role they play in international peacekeeping missions across the ECOWAS, but indeed how to effectively address the evolutionary nature of those cross-regional challenges posed by threats such as organized insurgencies.”

Although, Paramount Group did not disclose the exact amount of vehicle delivered.

The Paramount Marauder MRAP is a Flexible, highly agile and multi-functional mine-protected armoured vehicle. The vehicle is rugged with an excellent crossroad capability.

Paramount Marauder MRAP can be see at the background.

With a KE protection rating of Level 3 (STANAG), it can handle up to 4,500kg payload while offering a blast protection of 8 kg of TNT under the hull.

It can carry eight troops excluding the driver and commander. These particular Marauders are equipped with a Jordanian-made snake head turret fitted with a 7.62mm machine gun.  

Ekene Lionel

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