Demfas Aerosystems DFMP-MBFJ jammer anti-UAV capability

The Demfas Aerosystems MP-MBFJ jammer is designed to prevent FM radio reception from 88-108MHz in a designated area, jam any frequency in the frequency band of NMT, GSM 800/1900, GSM 900/1800 and 3G networks. It is a powerful jamming system, designed specifically for military/police deployment at large public gatherings, riots, anti-UAV, anti-government protests, rallies, etc. to jam the FM radio reception.

Demfas Aerosystems DFMP-MBFJ jammer configuration options

• Provides effective range up to 4 Km radius subject to line of sight conditions and height of jammer’s antenna

• Jam any frequency in the frequency band of NMT, GSM 800/1900, GSM 900/1800 and 3G networks

• Barrage jamming with fast random scanning • Operational time of up to 3-hour direct usage on batteries

Features of the DFMP-MBFJ jammer

  1. Trolley case, Easy movement, very high output power
  2. Strong cooling system, work continuously
  3. Weather, circuit, shock, temperature and voltage protection
  4. Output power 160w-600w make high jamming range
  5. Operate 2 hours by a rechargeable built-in battery.
  6. Each channel can be controlled separately and simultaneously.
  7. 1-6 channels with different frequency range or customize other cellular standards in the world. Such as 450M, Walkie Talkie,GPRS,iDEN,GPS,UMTS,WiFi,AWS,4G.

Transmit noise signal to cut off all communication between cell phone and BTS. Jammer does not interfere with the base station but just jam downlink. The jammed cell phone will show “no service” and can’t receive network signal and call.

Applications of the DFMP-MBFJ jammer

  • Bomb disposal
  • Police field operation
  • VIP convoy for security
  • Prisons, military, government

Demfas Aerosystems’ new Comprehensive Signal Intelligence Capabilities (C-SIGNS) device based on a repeater platform. The C-SIGNS has a wide variety of capabilities which includes detection of cell phone location, interception of voice and SMS, data as well as decryption of data.

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