Demfas Aerosystems E/O camera provides long range observation capabilities

In other to establish an effective strategy to combat terrorism Demfas Aerosystems have been able to develop a range of technological solutions approach using the national counter-terrorism strategy: detect, prevent and prosecute.

The electro-optic system consists of a combination of a thermal and optical camera fitted on a pan-tilt unit which can be used for surveillance on a full-time basis. The thermal camera includes both options of cooled or uncooled versions which provide surveillance capabilities during the night and low visibility conditions.

These can be integrated with various networking options for providing remote monitoring capabilities at central locations. The electro-optic cameras are a combination of a thermal and optical camera fitted on a rugged pan-tilt unit for providing surveillance capabilities during day or night.

The system can be installed on static or vehicle-based platforms and can provide high-quality video output in multiple formats ranging from the earlier Pelco-D to the latest ONVIF protocols. These can be integrated using network media for centralized monitoring and control.

The thermal cameras can be provided in either cooled or uncooled options with continuous zoom lenses for longer ranges and excellent DRI results. The continuous zoom optical camera also provides long-range daytime observation capabilities. The cameras are fitted on a rugged pan-tilt unit which has all-around movement capability in azimuth and near vertical movement in elevation for providing maximum situational awareness using the dual camera system. The camera boast of a 16km radius operational range.

The Chief Executive Officer at Demfas Aerosystems, Mr Fasasi Tosin told African Military Blog in during an interview that “Demfas Aerosystems is a Nigerian telecommunication equipment manufacturer. Although we deal in Telecommunication equipment our expertise isn’t limited to that. We are also into the development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). Demfas Aerosystems as an organization gives priority to providing technological solutions needed to influence development in Nigeria and beyond.”

He further disclosed that “We focus on innovative cutting edge technological capabilities, we will be providing technological solutions needed for the progress of the country both in military and civilian applications and this would be done by Nigerians.”

In June 2018, Demfas Aerosystems signed a memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Enster Electronics – a Chinese technology firm for funding of Demfas AeroSystems’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) developed CCTV systems and also for the Transfer of Technology (ToT) of network encryption security package from Demfas Aerosystems to the Chinese firm.

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