Nigeria set to receive Vietnamese patrol boats

In December 2019, Hanoi-based James Boat Technology Company had delivered 50 composite patrol boats to Nigeria, while another Vietnamese firm, Hong Ha Shipbuilding Company, received an order for ten 15 metre armoured patrol boats from Nigeria.

The 15 metres armoured patrol boats have apparently been built and are ready for delivery according to a 2 January, report by Vietnamese Tuổi Trẻ newspaper.

Tuổi Trẻ reported that 10 “armoured patrol boats” were awaiting delivery for unidentified African customers, the boats lined up at the Hong Ha facility were unarmed but fitted with weapon mounting points in their bow compartments, as well small electro-optical systems made by the US company FLIR.

They will be used for patrol, search and rescue and oil rig protection duties as Maritime security continues to be a major issue in Nigeria, with numerous attacks against vessels in Nigerian waters.

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