Egyptian Navy takes advantage of FMS for naval technical assistance

VSE Corporation will continue to provide technical assistance to the Egyptian Navy under the US FMS programme.

The United States Department of Defense (DoD) announcement on 2 July explains that a $41.58 million delivery order from Naval Sea Systems Command includes follow-on services such as technical, logistics, training, facilities, and administrative support to the Egyptian Navy for work on ‘multiple ship platforms’.

VSE is a defense services company providing logistics solutions for vehicle, ship, and aircraft sustainment, supply chain management, platform modernization, mission enhancement, and program management, and providing energy, IT, and consulting services.

The contract work will be divided between Alexandria in Egypt and Alexandria in Virginia, with completion due by June 2023 if all options are exercised.

In August 2009, VSE International Group’s GLOBAL Division was awarded a follow-on work worth $32.8M to support Foreign Military Sales Program for the Egyptian Navy.

In the business, GLOBAL Division will provide Management, Engineering, Technical, Training, and Logistics support for the Egyptian Navy FMS programs and ex-United States Navy transferred ships either in port or at sea, as necessary to support ship operations, training, and maintenance.

Additionally, the contract provides continuing funding to support an Industrial Training School, a Damage Control and Fire Fighting School, and provides continuing support to assist the Egyptian Navy in improving their shipyard infrastructure.

Likewise, in April 2017, VSE Corporation was awarded several delivery orders during the first quarter of 2017 totaling approximately $91.1 million issued under our Foreign Military Sales (FMS) support contract by the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) International Fleet Support Program Office.

The contract entails that VSE will provide to the Egyptian Navy In-country Follow-On Technical Support (FOTS) for the OSPREY Class Mine Hunter Coastal (MHC) Vessels, including modernization, technical, logistics, training, facilities, and administrative support to NAVSEA PMS 326 and the Egyptian Navy’s MHC vessels under two delivery orders. These delivery orders have a period of performance of 16 months and 24 months, respectively, and a total combined funded value of $36.8 million.

VSE will provide procurement, integration, installation, and Harbor Acceptance Testing (HAT) of a SMART-S 3D Radar system onboard an Egyptian Perry Class FFG. This delivery order has a period of performance of 14 months and a total funded value of $21.8 million.

Also, VSE was awarded several other delivery orders during the first quarter of 2017 to provide support under our NAVSEA FMS contract with periods of performance ranging between four and 14 months and a combined funded value of approximately $32.5 million.

In July 2019, VSE was providing engineering services support via FMS to the Egyptian Navy for Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigates, fast missile craft, coastal minehunters, and 25m and 28m Fast Patrol Craft.

Subsequently, the Egyptian Navy requested a U.S. Technical Support worth $554 million. The requested package includes a Follow on Technical Support (FOTS) that provides material and labor services in support of the Egyptian Navy’s Oliver Hazard Perry Class Frigates (FFG-7 class ships), Fast Missile Craft (FMC), Mine Hunter Coastal (MHC) ships, Coastal Mine Hunter (CMH) ships, and 25 Meter and 28 Meter Fast Patrol Craft (FPC).

Estimated to cost $554 million, the Follow on Technical Support will ensure the Egyptian Navy is operationally ready to provide coastal defense and security and will fall under the US government foreign military sales programme.

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