Nigerian Army operating Turkish SVS Satellite Systems

The Nigerian Army has deployed several SVSAT120 Ka-Band Motorized VSAT Antenna mounted on Toyota Land Cruiser trucks for enhanced battlefield communications.

The SVSAT120 Ka-Band system was commissioned on Monday 13 September by the Chief of Army Staff, General Faruk Yahaya, for use by the Nigerian Army Cyber Warfare Command.

According to information retrieved from Gartner, a very small aperture terminal (VSAT) is a small-sized earth station used in the transmit/receive of data, voice, and video signals over a satellite communication network. A VSAT usually consists of two parts: a transceiver placed outdoors in direct line of sight to the satellite, and a device that is placed indoors to interface the transceiver with the end user’s communications device, such as a PC. The transceiver receives or sends a signal to a satellite transponder in the sky. The satellite sends and receives signals from a ground station computer that acts as a hub for the system.

SVSAT120 Ka-Band Motorized Antenna mounted on a Toyota Land Cruiser truck

SVSAT120 Ka-Band system is designed for VSAT and broadcast applications using an auto Pointing with 2 Axis Movement and can be controlled via Tablet, Smart Phone, PC, or Indoor Controller.

SVSAT120 Ka-Band antenna system is a easily configured, simple to operate auto-deploy VSAT and broadcasting terminal which can be mounted on the roof of a vehicle. It is ideally suitable for the most demanding applications that require a quick, simple set-up.

This particular system is fitted with a standard GPS compass on the antenna and transmits in 29.50-30.00 Frequency Band while receiving in 19.20-20.20 GHz frequency band.

Designed in Turkey, the SVS Satellite Systems would help improve communications and enhance combat coordination for the Nigerian forces currently battling various security threats in the country.

Seven Toyota Land Cruiser trucks mounted with SVSAT120 Ka Band Motorized Antenna

Its not yet certain how many SVS Satellite Systems were procured or the timeline of their procurement, but a photograph published on social media shows seven units mounted on camouflaged Toyota Land Cruiser trucks with all the various Army Divisions marked on it. A separate unit painted in black will likely be used by the Department of State Service (DSS).

Nigerian Army in the leadership of Gen TY Buratai in October 2018 established the Nigerian Army Cyber Warfare Command with the responsibility to monitor, defend and attack subversive elements in cyberspace. The complex includes Cyber Exploitation Cell, Cyber Operations Center, Cyber Attack Cell, Cyber Defence Cell, Open Source Intelligence Cell, and Nigerian Army Cloud Services, etc. 

The command will seek to maintain superiority in the cyberspace domain to influence adversary behavior, deliver strategic and operational advantages to ground troops, defend and advance the national interests.

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