Various African Navies orders warships from Indonesia.

A number of African countries has shown interests in acquiring warships from an Indonesian state-owned Shipbuilding company PAL. PT PAL’S Chief Executive Officer Mr Saleh Budiman said on Thursday the 13th of July that his company is looking at requesting for permission and export licence
from the Indonesian Government in building and exporting some ships to the African countries. 
Among the countries known to have indicated interests includes Senegal. Gabon, Guinea Bissau and Nigeria. Senegal wants to purchase a Landing Platform Dock (LPD) and possiblt two Guided missile warship while Gabon and Guinea Bissau wants to purchase two units of the Guided missile warship.
According to him, the type of warship the Nigerians might buy is still not determined however. he hinted that it might be the PT PAL Strategic Sealift Vessel (SSV) or the PKR Guided Missile Destroyer. He further noted that the Nigerian purchase would be solely dependent on the country’s needs and budget.
PT PAL STRATEGIC PKR Guided Missile Destroyer

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