Cyber Power Information Technology for Defence and National Security

Cyber Power Information Technology for Defence and National Security

Date: 8 – 9 November 2018

Location: Sandton Sun Hotel Johannesburg, South Africa

Theme: Cyber Vision of the Future: Mission Defense and Trusted Information

“Africa Living Free, Secure and Productive in a Cyber World.”

Premier Knowledge Centre presents the 1st Annual Cyber Power Information Technology for Defence conference 2018.

As a critical intersection of Air Force, Army and Military IT experts, prominent IT academics, and some of Africa’s top Cybersecurity companies, the conference offers a full of slate events and activities, with 2 days of speakers, expanded education/training opportunities, and an exhibitor-driven conference that all revolve around the ways we can better defend Africa from cyber-attacks, advanced persistent threats, and proactively lead in this increasingly digital world.

The Conference is the place where Defence personnel and decision makers, as well as private industry IT and cybersecurity leaders, convene to not only share and review strategies but also explore the latest in cyber tools, software, and hardware. It is at this conference that experts review the increasingly complex and connected role that cyber plays in Defence.


Topics to be covered include

  1. The outlook of the private and defense industry threat landscape.
  2. Government /academic/ private sector partnerships in securing cyber-space and cyber cooperation within Africa.
  3. Shortage of cybersecurity professional’s and underspending on information security.
  4. Gathering and analysis for both offensive and defensive purposes.
  5.  Build a more lethal force through gaining and maintaining persistent information advantage for the Joint Force.
    The possibilities and challenges of big data.
  6. Assure Defence core missions from threats in, through, and from cyberspace.
  7. Attendees will get first and insights from leading government and industry experts on what challenges Africa is facing in the Defence.
  8. Enable effective and efficient integrated awareness derived from rapid processing, exploitation, and dissemination of decision-quality information.
  9. Focusing on the National Defense Strategy implementation.

Who should attend

The government, State employees, Local Contractors

Air Force Army Military, IT Experts, Prominent IT Academics, Security Companies, Academics, Airport companies, Accreditation Boards Cyber Professionals, Decision Makers, Commercial Businesses, Air Force Professionals and Air University Students and Academicians, Defence Department Personnel, Military Retirees,

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The conference is one of the primary tools for keeping private industry cyber leaders and experts current on the latest concepts, strategies, technologies, and capabilities in both the Defence and civilian sectors.

Attendees will get insights from leading government and industry experts on what challenges Africa is facing in the defense.

To launch new Defence Cyberstudies at Air Universities will lead academic tracks that will jointly evolve the collaboration, concepts, methods, IT applications and strategies to ensure national security and economic vitality for Africa.

The conference will lead collaborative focus groups with the aim of building a network of professionals for public-private action to foster trusted partnerships between government and industry to drive the development of a plan geared toward policy changes to strengthen Africa’s economic security.

The cyber and academic elements will bring together cyber professionals, decision-makers, commercial businesses with the common goal of advancing the effectiveness, thought and discussion of Force’s approach to the cyber domain.

The conference understands that success in national cybersecurity requires an improved and robust digital relationship with private industry to combat the sophisticated cyber threats present today. Ideally, this conference will generate the “whole of nation” strategies and processes aimed at overcoming the challenges and ambiguities of an increasingly digital world.

List of invited speakers to be added on the Cyber Power Brochure 2018

Prof Elmarie Biermann

Director at Cyber Security Institute

South Africa

20+ years’ experience in information & computer security, in both academic and corporate environments. Completed a Ph.D. in mobile agent security and published a large number of articles and conference papers at local and international entities. Regularly speak on invitation at security events across the globe. Currently, specializes in the development and delivery of
security content via virtual platforms to enhance skills and build a security-aware culture. Also hold an Adjunct Professorship at the French South African Institute of Technology (F’SATI), to build capacity in security and intelligence.

Dr. Moses Khanyile, CD(SA)

Non-Executive Director at ARMSCOR SOC LTD

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South Africa

Strategy specialist with a strong focus on value extraction and long-term positioning in the marketplace; structuring major deals across national boundaries; executive project management — design, funding, governance, and delivery of major projects. Mobile payment solutions, including biometric technology (fingerprint, facial & voice recognition) & smartcard technology.


Matome Mookodi


Nuclear Non-Proliferation Technical Adviser, SA Council for the Non-Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction

Johannesburg Area, South Africa


Attlee M. Gamundani

Namibia University of Technology

Mentor, teacher, coach, who lead by example as a dynamic professional with extensive experience and a classic track record in technology, business-to-business transformations with exceptional communication, presentation and negotiating skills. Applies leadership, teamwork, sound judgment, deep skills, hard work with high integrity to develop and execute winning strategies and plans in business operations and market development.

Ability to focus, work well under pressure and against tight deadlines. A thorough strategic thinker who utilizes creative, technical, commercial, and general business acumen, leveraging the broad experience and extensive contacts to develop alliances, channels, programs, and markets to meet business goals and objectives.


Dr. Joseph Sevilla

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Sevilla is currently Director of @iLabAfrica, a Research and Innovation Centre at Strathmore University (Nairobi, Kenya). He is also the Director of @iBizAfrica, a business incubator at Strathmore. He graduated as an Industrial Engineer (Universidad del País Vasco, Spain, 1980) and holds an MSc in Computer Science (University College London, UK, 1995) and a Ph.D. in Bioinformatics (Tec nun, Universidad de Navarra, Spain, 2005).

Dr. Sevilla is a Member of the British Computer Society and has actively participated in the “East African Internet Association” (EAIA) and the “Computer Society of Kenya” (CSK); he has been a member of the EAIA Executive Board and Chairman of the CSK Education Committee.

Areas of Expertise
Bioinformatics, programming, Computer security, IT management, Databases.


Deon de Kock

Somerset Group

Cyber Defence Service

Johannesburg Area, South Africa


155,000+ Threat Vectors per IP. Up to 5 times more than any other cyber sec provider.  Somerset Group has partnered with the one company that has by far the world’s most powerful and comprehensive solutions for security auditing and cyber vulnerability assessments, for IT and OT.

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Dr. Bright Gameli Mawudor is a Cyber Security Services at Internet Solutions Kenya and founder of the Cyber Security collective, the first ever Live demonstration Cyber Security Conference in East and Central Africa? He acquired a Ph.D. in IT Convergence and Application Engineering with a concentration in Information Security from Pukyong National University, South Korea. He has over 13 years of professional experience in the Cyber Security industry with strong expertise in Cybersecurity Strategy building, Resilience and system penetration testing. Bright has also presented at over 40 Cyber Security conferences, lectured at various universities and contributed to cybersecurity publications. He was also Top 40 Under 40 2016 of young entrepreneurs in Kenya. Dr. Mawudor has performed various evaluations and selections of Cyber Security tools and successfully implemented IT security systems to protect the Confidentiality, Availability, and Integrity of critical business environment to curb and mitigate risks. Technically highly skilled in various environments, especially in the Cyber Security space, dedicated and a team player with excellent leadership qualities.

Mr. Collins Oduor is a cybersecurity consultant, researcher, and speaker. He has considerable experience in Information Security and IT Governance. He has provided extensive cybersecurity training and consultancy to industry practitioners across the vertical spectrum in over 20 countries. He is currently responsible for the overall information security, regulatory compliance, business continuity, IT disaster recovery and privacy strategy for United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) at United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.

For registration please refer to the attached brochure the registration form is on the last page complete and email to alternatively contact my direct cell line on +27 63 277 1196. Group discounts available for the conference. Exhibition packages are also available at the Cyber Power conference.

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Advisory Consultant

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