Past Events

The Republic of Kenya would play host to the inaugural Africa Cyber Defense Summit in July 9-10, 2018

Given the importance of ICT in the development of Africa’s economy, it is pertinent that African nations understands the consequences of negligence in cyber security. A breach in security or a cyber-attack has the potential to not only devastate the gains made in recent years but also to drastically  slow down Africa’s development.

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Premier Knowledge Centre presents the 1st Annual Cyber Power Information Technology for Defence conference 2018.

Date: 8 – 9 November 2018

Location: Sandton Sun Hotel Johannesburg, South Africa

Theme: Cyber Vision of the Future: Mission Defense and Trusted Information

“Africa Living Free, Secure and Productive in a Cyber World.”

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IMDEC 19: The largest gathering maritime stakeholders in AfricaThe International Maritime Defense Exhibition & Conference (IMDEC), will take place on 23 – 25 July 2019 in Accra, Ghana and will commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Ghanaian Navy.

The inaugural International Maritime Defense Exhibition and Conference 2019 will feature the largest gathering of Africa’s maritime industry, as regional and international Chiefs of Naval Staff will attend to celebrate this
important milestone.

IMDEC 19 aims at fostering regional inter-agency collaboration to stabilize maritime security and economic development, witness an executive gathering of 15+ Chiefs of Naval staff addressing the regions key maritime requirements, providing a framework for facilitating joint-operations to boost naval capabilities and protecting regional waters as well as deepen strategic partnerships amongst International and Regional Navies to develop cooperative solutions.

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Future Events

Senegal Navy’s will host its 45th birthday celebrations, as well as the 2019 Africa Maritime Security Forum which will reveal Senegal’s impressive naval base and fleet capabilities to the international community as well as their commitment to international navy cooperation

This event will feature one of the largest gatherings of international navies and maritime stakeholders to commemorate our important milestone on the 20-22 January 2020 at the Base Navale Amiral Faye Gassama, Dakar, Senegal.

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The Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) is Africa’s only aerospace and defence expo that combines both a trade exhibition and an air show. Held biennially in the City of Tshwane – South Africa’s administrative capital, the AAD Expo is one of South Africa’s largest contributors to the country’s GDP in show years, and is regarded as a national asset.

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EDEX is the largest military power in Africa and one of the leading forces worldwide, Egypt is the ideal setting for a large-scale event for the sector. in addition, Egypt has historically maintained continuous investment in the latest weaponry as a defence strategy and has strengthened national production lines across a range of military complexes.

the second edition of EDEX is fully supported by Egyptian armed forces and presents a brand new opportunity for exhibitors to showcase the latest technology, equipment and systems across land, sea, and air.



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