Demfas Aerosystems develops C-SIGNS for Electronic Warfare, SIGNIT

Nigerian based disruptive defense and technology company Demfas Aerosystems unveils its new Comprehensive Signal Intelligence Capabilities (C-SIGNS) device based on a repeater platform. The C-SIGNS has a wide variety of capabilities which includes detection of cell phone location, interception of voice and sms, data as well as decryption of data.

For tactical operations in a contested battlefield, the C-SIGNS can carry out detection, monitoring, identification, direction finding and analysis of complex signals.

  1. Interception of cell signal by IMEI, IMSI, TMSI, target distance from the base station, type of target handset, Target’s dialed & received number (PLMN).
  2. Tested range of 43km coverage. Coverage up to 320km
  3. The device is scalable therefore allowing for the integration of various modules • Easy interception of 4G/LTE mobile devices.
  4. Support selective jamming capability, by which the operator can disable certain services of the suspect like Outgoing Call, Incoming Call, SMS, SS etc.

The main objective of the network is to achieve a real time monitoring on the radio spectrum environment across the country and most especially on the battlefield. The system will provide the operators with accurate locating and the detailed parameters of the interested radio emitters.

The device for mass surveillance will employ ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE FOR COMPILING data related to terrorist activities such as Mobile phones with excessive sim swap 2.

  • Sims being used on different mobile phone 3.
  • Mobile phones being used as specific locations at suspicious time zone/frame.
  • Mobile sims with only incoming calls and other details as provided by the necessary agency.

The system is useful for gathering intelligence interests by intelligence and security agencies and is also used to monitor and locate interested radio transmission (such as in some interested facility, border area), including foreign embassies and bugging. This is a direct ESM whereby a specific area can be targeted and the radio signals are being interrogated. In details, the system is applicable in the following areas

  • Communication: the system can find, monitor and listen the interested radio transmission, such as U/VHF/MW radio communication within border areas, foreign embassy, and etc.
  • Bugging devices: the hand-hold DF equipment is available for detecting bugging devices important facilities.
  • Detection of illegal transmission across the country.

According to the Chief Executive Officer at Demfas Aerosystems, Tosin Fasasi, he disclosed to African Military Blog that “Deploying our C-SIGNS intelligence system with a range of 320km. A more advance version of the SIGNS intelligence device that has proven to intercept foreign communications at a range of 43km, the theatre command now has access to the follow through C-SIGNS. Access to

  • Incoming and Outgoing encrypted GSM communication including A5/1 in real-time and without cooperation with network operators
  • Interception for multiple concurrent duplex calls
  • Easy interception of 4G/LTE mobile devices
  • Selective jamming capabilities by which the operator can disable certain services of the suspect like Outgoing Call, Incoming Call, SMS, SS etc.
  • Priority management mechanism facilitates efficient allocation of system resources to high value target
  • Extracting phone identities including IMSI, IMEI and MSISDN
  • Invisible and undetectable operation • Making and receiving calls and SMS on behalf of target phones
  • Implementation of advanced spatial and signal algorithms to mitigate cellular transmission interference
  • Interception of any HF, VHF and UHF communication inclusive of our descriptor package.

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