Algeria to produce the Boxer 8×8 infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) locally

Algeria has announced plans to start producing the Boxer Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) under license by the end of 2020.

The high-density steel and other essential materials needed to produce the vehicle will be imported and assembled in Algeria, it is believed that the new locally produced Boxer 8×8 IFV will replace the BTR 60 and BTR 80 Armored Personel Carrier (APC) in the Algerian Military’s service.

The 8×8 Boxer IFV was developed by Rheinmetall Defense, it is a highly modular state-of-the-art armored vehicle which can perform a wide variety of roles. These include ambulance, armored personnel carrier, cargo, battle damage repair, engineering, and infantry fighting vehicle.

A number of mission variants are currently under development, including a troop carrier for transporting an infantry section, a field ambulance, a combat engineering section vehicle, C4I, and C2 command vehicles, a logistics vehicle and a battlefield maintenance vehicle.

The Boxer IFV was designed to withstand anti-personnel and anti-tank mines under the wheels or sides and can apparently withstand 14.5 mm armor piercing ammunition. A 720 hp MTU diesel engine drives an automatic transmission, giving a top speed of around 100 km/h and range of over 1 000 km.

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By and large, the Algerian defense industry is geared towards self-sufficiency thus, in 2014, Rheinmetall Defense and Algeria entered a USD2.7 billion deal to build the Fuchs-2 APC in Algeria.

A total of 980 Fuchs-2 6×6 APC was built by Algeria, with the first vehicle displayed in May 2015 when the Algerian Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Ahmed Gaïd Salah paid a courtesy Visit to the  Republican Guard’s Special Intervention Regiment.

More so, Algeria also refurbishes and adapted a plethora of the venerable BTR-80 and BTR-60 armoured personnel carriers (APCs) which can now launch 9M133 Kornet anti-tank guided missiles.

Darek Liam

Darek Liam is the North African editor for AMB, where he writes about the intersection of Technology and national security. He has been covering defense and national security issues for more than a decade, previously as African Union correspondent.