Nigerian Army unveiled Thales Ground Observer 12 surveillance radar and Sophie-LR handheld thermal imagers

The Nigerian Army recently revealed its newly procured surveillance equipment during a firepower demonstration at Army Camp Kabala in Jaji, Kaduna state on 27 April.

Credit: Channels TV

The surveillance equipment includes Thales Ground Observer 12 lightweight surveillance radars, delivered earlier this year, and Thales Sophie-LR handheld thermal imagers, believed to have been delivered in 2018.

An unconfirmed expert report suggests that what appeared to be a Hensoldt Spexer 2000 ground surveillance radar was also displayed.

Thales Ground Observer 12 surveillance radar

According to Thales Group, the Ground Observer 12 Thales incorporates outstanding features for high performance long and medium range Ground Surveillance Radars. Thus the Ku-band, Pulse-Doppler Ground Observer 12 is suitable for a wide range of applications including a battlefield, border, coast and site surveillance both by military/paramilitary forces or civilian users.

Thales Sophie-LR handheld thermal imagers

While the Thales Group Sophie-Long range surveillance and target acquisition can operate in adverse conditions, dirty battlefield. It’s image stabilasation technology is capable of detecting camouflaged targets in a range of up to 5 km.

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