Tunisia orders Medium Class Multi-Purpose Armored Vehicle from Turkey’s BMC

One of Turkey’s leading manufacturer of armored tactical vehicles, BMC has won the International Armored Vehicle Tender for the production of nine 4×4 Medium Class Multi-Purpose Armored Vehicles (MPAVs) for the Tunisian military.

This is part of a recent deal with the Tunisia’s Interior Ministry, which also involves the provision of integrated logistical support solutions to Tunisia after the delivery of vehicles.

BMC produces various types of military vehicles, including tanks and armored cars, as well as commercial vehicles, buses and trucks in it’s İzmir Pınarbaşı facility in Turkey.

The company is also one of several working on the production of Turkey’s first homegrown main battle tank, Altay. Altay will be entirely produced in Turkey, with mass production likely to begin this year. The tank has already seen interest from several countries.

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