Rheinmetall Denel Munition (RDM) gets multi-million-dollar explosive deal

South Africa’s Rheinmetall Denel Munition (RDM) has been contracted to supply plastic (PE9) explosive worth nearly R100 million, the business was signed in 9 May, and is part of a follow-on deal.

It is worth mentioning that RDM has been manufacturing PE9, the equivalent of C4, since 1978.

The PE9 explosive which the company was contracted to supply is a white explosive putty containing RDX and binders molded into blocks of different masses for use as demolition main charges.

PE9 is usually used for the destruction of obsolete and redundant ammunition.

“Initially these P9 explosives were only manufactured for use by the South African government, but has over the years been expanded to many international markets. We have grown an established customer base worldwide and our longstanding relationship has been a key factor for RDM in securing this contract” said RDM CEO, Jan-Patrick Helmsen.

RDM has always maintained its commitment to supporting the industrys needs and has displayed this recently through efforts to continue supplying the mining industry in South Africa, also during the national lockdown, RDM said.

RDM has positioned itself as the leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative explosive products that is shaping the future of our industry and we are confident that we will meet future growing demands, Helmsen said.

Sarah Lesedi

Defense technological enthusiasts, African lover. Chief Chronicler at Sarah Lesedi blog.

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