Tunisian Border Patrol now operating the Polaris MRZR X Multi-Mission Vehicle

The Tunisian Border Patrol regiment has been bolstered with the new Polaris MRZR X Multi-Mission Vehicle.

The Border patrol regiment made this announcement through local media. Associated photographs published on Social media by the regiment confirmed the announcement.

The Polaris MRZR X multi-mode vehicle platform is a next-generation tactical mobility vehicle designed to be optionally manned.

The vehicle is designed for future flexibility, with Modular Robotic Applique Kits (M-RAKs) from Applied Research Associates Inc (ARA) says Polaris.

Polaris Government and Defense, a division of United States-based Polaris Industries Inc., first showcased the new MRZR X multi-mode vehicle platform internationally at the IDEX 2019.

Autonomous systems are disrupting the status quo and shaping the way we will do battle in the future. The MRZR X is a transformative vehicle because it is optionally manned and can fulfill its current mission to move at the speed of maneuver with a driver or act as a robotic mule to carry mission equipment and soldiers’ loads,” said Jed Leonard, vice president, Polaris Government and Defense.

This ability to both drive the vehicle and still have dismounted control of a robotic platform provides great mission capability and operation flexibility.”

Currently, the U.S. Army uses the vehicle in a 80%-manned, 20%-unmanned proportion said an informed source.

Operators of the Polaris MRZR X multi-mode vehicle are advised to man the vehicle when crossing water obstacles. When the vehicle is driven by a user, the average speed usually turns around 30 mph; when it is unmanned, the practical speed reduces to around 5-10 mph said the source.

The reason for the reduces performance is because, in unmanned mode, more sensors and cameras are needed to avoid obstacles which in turn increases the vehicle’s weight.

Darek Liam

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