BIRD Aerosystems develops end-to-end ISR solution

ASIO Holistic Solution is a complete end-to-end ISR solution that connects airborne, naval, and ground units, offering a smart and effective way to control surveillance missions and manage oceans of data
BIRD Aerosystems, has developed ASIO Holistic Solution, which the company claims is a complete end-to-end special mission task force solution tailored for maritime and ground surveillance missions.

The ASIO Holistic Solution is an advanced multi-layered solution that provides a multidimensional approach to combat diverse security threats within the maritime and ground domain. It is managed from a unified Command & Control (C&C) center that operates BIRD’s advanced Intelligence Analysis systems 24/7.

The system can be used for both maritime, and land surveillance, where the operator in the C&C will automatically receive a risk-based assessment on each target operating within and around the country’s borders.

After assessing the targets, the operator designates the high-risk targets, and the ASIO C&C system effectively tailors the required operations using the wide range of surface and air assets that are part of the ASIO task force, including the ASIO special mission aircraft, advanced UAV, ground vehicles, naval vessels, and others.

All of the ASIO assets are equipped with BIRD’s advanced Mission Management system (MSIS) used to share the unified situational awareness picture and to ensure effective coordination between the assets through real-time connectivity and continuous data exchange.

With its customizable nature, ASIO Holistic Solution can be tailored to specific customer requirements, providing a true flexible force multiplier solution. Modular and scalable, it can be provided and implemented gradually or as a complete solution.

Ronen Factor, Co-Chief Executive Officer and Founder at BIRD Aerosystems: “After years of research and development, and based on BIRD Aerosystems’ combat-proven ASIO task-force, we are happy to introduce the ASIO Holistic Solution – a complete ISR solution that connects airborne, naval, and ground units using BIRD’s MSIS, and effectively controls surveillance missions. With BIRD’s ASIO Holistic Solution, the appropriate assets are provided with an automatically generated mission plan, prioritized and optimized for the assets, and the entire team shares a unified real-time situational awareness overview and actionable intelligence.”

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