Nigeria receives more VT4, ST1 tanks, SH2, SH4 self-propelled artillery, and KIA tactical vehicles

In curtailing the advances of the various insecurity threats in the country, the Nigerian Army has taken delivery of additional military equipment.

Nigeria’s Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Tukur Baratai, disclosed this at the Chief of Army Staff’s combined first, second and third quarters conference, on Tuesday in Maiduguri.

The delivered military hardware which comprises of VT4 main battle tanks, ST1 120 mm tanks destroyers, SH2, SH4 self-propelled artillery, and KIA tactical vehicles are part of a follow up to the first batch supplied earlier this year.

Norinco ST1 105 mm tank destroyer

“To this end, the Nigerian army recently took delivery of key platforms to reinvigorate our operations.

“Post-treatment training is ongoing on this equipment and they would soon be inducted into the theatre.

In 2019, Norinco was awarded a $152 million deal by the federal government for the acquisition of military hardware tailored specifically to Nigeria’s requirement.

Apparently, several armored personnel carriers were also acquired from Jordan, and indigenous mine resistant and ambush protected vehicles including the Proforce Ara MRAPs, DICON Ezugwu MRAPS as well as the Conqueror and Champion makeshift armored vehicles.

Proforce ara mk 2 mrap
Proforce Ara MRAP

Regarding the Conqueror and Champion makeshift armored vehicles, the lt. General Buratai explained that “despite teething challenges in the new innovation, these platforms have no doubt enhanced the effectiveness of our troops across various theatres.

“We will continue to work assiduously to ensure that we support all operations with equipment and platforms,’’ he said.

He said the ongoing operations in different parts of the country to curtail the activities of criminals had witnessed tremendous successes.

“I am happy to observe that the various operations are currently achieving the desired objectives,’’ he said.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is apparently not slowing down the Nigerian Army’s plans to totally neutralize the various insurgent groups operating in the region.

The Nigerian Army has taken several steps over the past few months to reconsider and reorganize it’s approach towards counter-terror operations by procuring much needed equipment.

Newly delivered vehicles includes Streit Armored Personnel Carriers, Typhoon Mine Resistant and Ambush Protected (MRAPs)Ezugwu MRAPs, Proforce Ara MRAP.

The Nigerian Army also procured and commissioned 55 utility vehicles to increase the mobility and combat efficiency of it’s troops. The vehicles includes Toyota Hilux, Buffaloes, Innoson Motor Vehicles, Peugeot among others.

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