After Lana, Nigerian Navy orders 40m survey vessel from OCEA

Following the successful acquisition of NNS Lana OSV 190 SC-WB, a hydrographic and oceanographic research vessel from OCEA’s line of auxiliary vessels, the Nigerian Navy has placed yet another order for a similar class of ship.

The new vessel is a 40 metres OSV 130 hydrographic survey ship designed to conduct Oceanographic and geological survey, hydrographic survey, and fisheries research.

And according to Ocea, the OSV 130 class vessel is fully equipped to carry out a variety of duties such as offshore patrols, securing harbours and waterways, search, rescue and recovery, securing undersea energy infrastructure, support and assistance to civil and military institutions and finally, responding to environmental pollution.

OSV 130 is manned by 9 crew members and 9 scientific personnel, with a speed of 15 knots and a range of 4,000 nautical miles at 10 knots.

The new 40 metre vessel will complement NNS Lana in carrying out hydrographic duties in the Gulf of Guinea area and Nigeria’s Economic Exclusive Zone.

NNS Lana is a purpose-built Offshore Survey Vessel, the new vessel was conceived as a replacement to the previous NNS Lana, a survey ship that was decommissioned about ten years ago.

OCEA launched the new hydrographic research vessel NNS Lana for the Nigerian Navy on 24 September, 2020.

NNS Lana was handed over in a ceremony held in Saint Nazaire, France on April 16th, with several dignitaries in attendance.

Lana arrived in Lagos on 17 May from her maiden homeward journey from France.

For a long time, French OCEA shipbuilding have been a major supplier of boats to the Nigerian Navy. The company has delivered several patrol and research vessels to Nigeria, and apart from NNS Lana, Ocea delivered an FPB110 class boat “NNS SOKOTO” (P193) and the C-Falcon 2 (P272) interceptor boat to Nigeria last November.

The C-Falcon 2 (P272) interceptor boat is the first of four, the other three vessels will be delivered shortly says Ocea.

n 2018, the Nigerian Navy commissioned sixteen patrol boats at the Naval Dockyard in Lagos, the patrol boats includes two FPB 110 MKII hulls – Nguru (P 187) and Ekulu (P 188) which were delivered in April, four smaller FPB 72 MKII hulls – Shiroro (P 185), Ose (P 186), Gongola (P 189), and Calabar (P 190).

All vessels were delivered between late 2017 and April 2018 by Ocea

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