OCEA launch Nigerian Navy’s hydrographic survey vessel NNS LANA

French-based shipyard OCEA has launched a new hydrographic research vessel for the Nigerian Navy.

The hydrographic vessel launched Yesterday 24 September, is christened NNS LANA and will replace the former Naval survey vessel which was decommissioned more than a decade ago.

Surveying and charting play a crucial role in ensuring safe navigation as well as delivery of maritime security, especially in the Gulf of Guinea

The new vessel is based on the OCEA OSV 190 SC-WB design.

The Nigerian Navy in 2018 awarded OCEA to design and build the vessel, after beating Indian Shipyards for the contract.

At the launch ceremony held at the OCEA Shipyard, France, Chief of the Naval Staff, CNS Vice Admiral Ibok-Ete Ibas, explained that NNS LANA will not only restore but enhancing Nigerian Navy’s survey capability.

NNS LANA would also serve as a critical component of deployment of naval power for enhanced maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea.

Decommissioned Bulldog class NNS LANA A498

As NNS LANA is expected to join the Nigerian Navy fleet in 2021, it will assist in providing comprehensive data on Nigeria’s maritime territory and its Exclusive Economic Zone.

It roles comprises of Coastal and deep sea scientific research and studies (hydrography, oceanography), Fishing control, Surveillance of the Exclusive Economic Zone, Assistance and supplies to other boats, Helicopter winching operation, and Towing of ships.

The vessel is equipped with:
A deep water multibeam echosounder
A single beam depth-water sounder
Side scan sonar
A current meter
Means of sampling, storage and analysis of water, fish and sediment
Laboratory hardware and software
An 8 m hydrographic boat equipped for data surveys along the coasts in small and very shallow waters.

For years, Ocea has delivered a number of vessels to Nigeria over the years, including eight 24-32 metre patrol boats since 2012, and two 35 metre FPB 110 patrol vessels.

Mr Fabrice Weinbach, who represented the Chief Executive Officer of OCEA, Mr Roland Joassard, said the LANA was the result of the excellent cooperation between the Nigerian Navy and OCEA teams and also demonstrated the willingness of Nigeria to improve the knowledge of the country’s waters with a sea proven platform and up-to-date equipment.

He also added that the OCEA and Nigerian Navy relations would be strengthened through the supply of integrated logistic support services which included training, maintaining the operational readiness of the crew, the ship “LANA” and her equipment and systems, as well as the on-site technical assistance

NNS LANA OCEA OSV 190 SC-WB specifications

  • Length(overall): 60.10m
  • Max Draft(m): 3.5m
  • Autonomy: 4400nm @ 12 knots
  • Endurance: 20 days
  • Speed: 14.0knots
  • Crew and scientific staff: 50 people

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