Army 2021: Kalashnikov seeks integration opportunities for air-launched Vikhr-1 guided missile

The Kalashnikov Group and the cooperation companies are currently seeking the opportunities to integrate the air-launched guided missile Vikhr-1 on various types of carriers, the Russian company said during the Army 2021 defense expo. Such works are conducted to complete a major overhaul and modernization of the Mi-28N helicopters.
Similar works are also performed to enhance military capability of the Mi-28UB helicopters.  The possibility to adapt the Vikhr-1 guided missile to be used with the Mi-28NE and Mi-35P helicopters is now being considered. The company is pursuing opportunities to use the Vikhr-1 guided missile with the Orion-E UAV.
The Kalashnikov Group, in cooperation with the JSC KBP, is currently implementing R&D projects to modernize the Vikhr-1 guided missile and improve its specifications. The modernized Vikhr-1M missile will be used from Ka-52, Ka-52M as well as other carriers.

Mi-24/35 attack helicopter

Mi-24P helicopter is a modification of the Mi-24V which reliability and versatility has been proved more than once. The Mi-24P (NATO classification name “Hind”) has inherited the fuselage and systems of Mi-24V but a powerful 30-mm GSh-2-30 gun (ammunition load 450 rounds) has been installed instead of a flexible USPU-24 machine gun mount.

The rotorcraft was produced both for the Soviet army and for export sales being designated as Mi-35P. The combat application history of Mi-24/35 type helicopters includes over 30 military conflicts worldwide. Mi-24/35 type helicopters were the first Russian-made rotorcraft designed specifically for the combat operations.

The design of the helicopter was such a success that its modified versions are still in operation.
The upgraded Mi-35P is presently in the list of products for export of Rostvertol PJSC of Russian Helicopters Holding Company.

In summer 2020 tests of the upgraded Mi-35P were over at NCHE NHC named after Mil and Kamov and Rostov Helicopter Plant and it went into serial production at Rostvertol PJSC.

The updated Mi-35P features high standards of reliability, combat effectiveness and survivability, wide application possibilities. Same as Mi-24P the aircraft can be used as a combat helicopter for destruction of tanks and other armored vehicles, as a troop-carrier for airlifting of 8 troopers, as an ambulance for transportation of two casualties and a medical attendant, and a cargo-carrier for transportation of cargoes inside the cargo cabin (1500 kg) and on external load sling (2400 kg).

Furthermore, a revived Phoenix has got new advantages. The basic version of the upgraded Mi-35P has been provided with the following equipment:

  • Upgraded round-the-clock surveillance-sighting system with target detection (identification) range up to 10 (8) km;
  • New digital integrated flight system enhancing controllability and stability of the helicopter and resulting in automated piloting process;
  • Up-to-date navigation and electronic indication complex with multi-functional color displays.
  • The armament system of the helicopter basic version includes 23-mm nose flexible gun mount, S-8 rockets, suspended gun containers housing 23-mm gun.

At the same time a renewed Mi-35P can incorporate a wide range of optional equipment and armament to meet the requirements of potential customers to expand the scope of combat missions.

It can be equipped with laser guided “air-to-air” class missiles, bombing armament with up to 500 kg caliber, 122mm C-13 unguided rockets. Installation of 12,7 mm large-caliber machine gun is possible in cargo compartment.

Regarding helicopter airborne equipment, installation of laser defense system and short range navigation and instrument landing system is possible.

Thus, Russian Helicopters JSC introduces upgraded Mi-35P helicopter able to perform any combat missions depending on demands and budget of potential customers at transport-combat helicopters market.

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