Rosobornexport offers Boomerang 8×8 ACV to African and international customers

Rosoboronexport is now actively offering its new Boomerang 8×8 amphibious combat vehicle (ACV) to several international customers for the first time, the company reported in a 23 April statement.

“The Boomerang 8×8 amphibious combat vehicle provides the capability to handle a wide range of combat missions and even peacetime tasks: when repelling aggression of a potential adversary, defending the state’s borders and fighting terrorist groups, as well as assisting the population in case of natural disasters and calamities,” the statement says.

The platform can perform a range of combat missions as well as peacetime operations. It can accommodate up to 11 soldiers with the troop compartment located at the rear of the vehicle. Access to the interior can be gained through a roof hatch, rear door or ramp.

Alexander Mikheev, director general of Rosoboronexport, said: ‘The uniqueness of the platform lies in the opportunity to build the widest range of vehicles on its base with various weapons and equipment.’

He continued: ‘African, Middle East, Southeast Asian and CIS countries have already shown an interest in Boomerang. We estimate exports of this platform in the foreseeable future at about $1 billion.’

Boomerang’s 8×8 armament

Depending on the functional purpose and the tasks, weapon stations can be mounted on the combat platform. These can be remote-controlled and manned combat modules with the machine-gun, cannon or combined armament: a 30mm automatic cannon and a 7.62mm coaxial machine-gun, a 30mm automatic grenade launcher and two launchers with two anti-tank guided missiles on each, as well as a 12.7mm Kord machine-gun (in its version for the armored personnel carrier), Rosoboronexport specified.

In order to provide for accurate fire, a modern digital fire control system includes a two-plane weapon stabilizer, a multi-channel electro-optical sighting system with a built-in laser rangefinder and automated gunner’s and commander’s workstations with a multi-function display and an integrated ballistic computer, the arms exporter said.

“Depending on the armament installed, the combat vehicle, based on the chassis of a universal wheeled combat platform, can effectively engage various enemy targets (manpower, gun emplacements, armored and soft-skinned targets, including low-speed air targets) from a halt, on the move and afloat in any weather, day or night,” the statement says.

The combat vehicle can easily negotiate various obstacles, attain a speed of over 100 km/h on the highway and has a cruising range of at least 800 km, Rosoboronexport said.

“The Russian vehicle is most favorably distinguished from its foreign counterparts by its amphibious properties, which make it possible to negotiate water obstacles even in Sea State 3. Moreover, it develops a speed of at least 10 km/h on water, having endurance on water of up to 12 hours,” the statement says.

The vehicle’s survival on the battlefield is enhanced by disruptive camouflage painting, an aerosol or smoke screen system, fire protection systems, and an NBC (nuclear, biological chemical) protection system. Special systems and technical solutions ensure the survival of the combat crew when the vehicle hits a mine, Rosoboronexport said.

The Boomerang can be armed with a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun, a 30mm automatic cannon, a 30mm automatic grenade launcher, or a 12.7mm Kord machine gun.

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