Nigerian Army Training Pictures 2019

Nigerian Army Training Pictures 2019

Here are some collections of the Nigerian Army Training pictures. For those of you who plans on joining the Nigerian Army this year, this article would help you.
Please note that joining the Nigerian Army is not for the feint of heart because their training regime is not easy. You have to condition your mind and body to meet up to the challenging conditions of military training because you will be pushed to the limit your body can take.


  1. Through the Nigerian Defense Academy
  2. Through the Nigerian Army Depot in Zaria.
we’ll features Nigerian Army training Pictures in both of the institutions.
The Nigerian Army Recruitment Training is known as boot camp training. there are stages in the training which includes:
  • Basic Training
  • Advanced Training
  • Specialized Training
The Nigerian Army Department of Army Training and Operations controls and coordinates all Nigerian Army training. The Nigerian Army Recruitment Training is usually called boot camp.
Basic Training
This training teaches you how to be a good soldier, how to survive in a conflict scenario. It also covers firearms and explosives.
Advanced Training
This training covers more difficult subjects like special warfare, leadership courses, tactics and strategies to enable a soldier become victorious against an opponent.
Specialized Training
This involves specific training for a specific role such as Sniper, Special warfare, Radio operations, IED, Sapper e.t.c it is usually done after the first two training is completed.

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here are the Nigerian Army Training Pictures

Nigerian Army Training Pictures 2018,

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