Algerian Navy’s new masted frigate El-Mellah 938 commisioned

The El Mellah is a beautiful perfectly crafted masted Frigate, exhibiting Algerian Navy’s professionalism and passion for seamanship.. 
 El-Mellah 938
El-Mellah 938

The Polish shipbuilding company Gdansk Repair Shipyard Shipbuilding (GRRSS) has just launched the Algerian Navy new training Ship El-Mellah 938 on Saturday.

According to the CEO of the GRRSS Mr. Andrzej Wojtkiewicz  of this beautiful vessel said during the launching ceremony that the El-Mellah 938 is the largest and fastest sailing ship of its class in the world.

Front view of the El-Mellah 938 

The  building of this vessel will further strengthen the bilateral political and economic relationships between Algeria and Poland.

Named ‘Sailor’ in Arabic, the vessel will be used primarily for cadet training by the Algerian Maritime University and VIP transport. It would be handled by the trainees of the Tamenfoust Naval Academy, to perfect their seamanship and to acquire navigation skills. Furthermore, as a sailing ships, the vessel would also be used to represent Algeria in international and sea races events.

 This is a very unique ship because unlike contemporary naval vessels, it has a sailing mast for propulsion. Although, it is also fitted with a diesel engine. Two hundred and twenty-two sailors can be embarked.

Sailors board the El-Mallah during the commissioning ceremony

The El-Mellah’s crew training is currently underway in the Baltic sea aboard a sister vessel Darze Młodzieży. The contract includes crew training, supervision, spares and maintenance over a period of six months.

El-Mellah alongside

The El-Mellah’s Specifications includes:

length: 110 meters
Breath: 14.5 m
Height: 8.6 m
Propulsion: Three masts and a 1900 CV diesel engine
Speed: 19 knot in 6°B wind
Crew: 222, including 120 tranee

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