Cameroon BIR (Rapid Intervention Battalion) acquires Panthera T6 Armoured Personnel Carriers

The Cameroonian military has taken delivery of an unspecified number of the  Panthera T6 armoured personnel carriers (APCs).

According to photographs posted on social media in September, two new vehicles acquired from Minerva Special Purpose Vehicles (MSPV), were being unloaded from shipping containers under the supervision of BIR officers, the Panthera T6s could be seen fitted with a protected weapons cupola.

The new Panthera T6 APCs would be used by the country’s elite Rapid Intervention Battalions (BIR) for use in counter-insurgency deployment in urban areas of the southwest and northwest region, (Operation ‘Chacal’ (Jackal)).

In order to  enhance its fight against Boko Haram in the North and Ambazonian Separatists in the South-west, the Cameroonian elite Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) has taken delivery of the French-made ACMAT fortress Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC), the country’s military has also recently acquired a number of the Tygra 4×4 Light Armoured Personnel Carrier.


Panthera T6F light armoured personnel carrier (APC)

The Panthera T-6F light armoured personnel carrier (APC) is designed and manufactured by Minerva Special Purpose Vehicles (MSPV), based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The vehicle was designed to provide high levels of ballistic and blast protection, It was first unveiled at the DEFEXPO 2016 held in Goa, India, in March 2016.

The new vehicle is suited for military and homeland security missions such as patrol, convoy protection, troop transport, law enforcement and peacekeeping.

Panthera T6F Specification

Engine 4.0L V6 Petrol (4.2L Diesel Option Available)
Transmission 4×4 5-Speed Manual
Seats 2+6 (Other Seating Arrangements Available)
Colour Customer’s Choice
Body Type Light-Armoured Personnel Carrier
Protection Level CEN1063 and 1522 BR6/FB6

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