Norway to stay in Mali and support MINUSMA till 2022

Norway’s Deputy Minister of Defence Tone Skogen announced during the United Nations ministerial meeting on peacekeeping operations in New York on 29 March that his country will extend its contribution to the UN peacekeeping operation MINUSMA in Mali for two more years, until 2022.

“Norway supports the UN in the fight against violent extremism. The UN force in Mali is a key factor in the work towards stability in the region. They support the implementation of the peace agreement in Mali, and ensure room for humanitarian actors,”

Norway’s Deputy Minister of Defence Tone Skogen.

Norway currently has 15 soldiers in Mali and has participated in the UN operation MINUSMA in Mali since its establishment in 2013. This May, Norway will send a transport aircraft to the UN operation for the next six months.

The transport aircraft forms part of a multinational rotational concept, in which Norway, Denmark, Belgium and Portugal currently contribute an aircraft on a rotating basis.

Ekene Lionel

Techy, Futurist, Award-winning defense technology writer.

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