Sudan’s Military Industry Corporation (MIC) upgrades BTR-70 8×8 (Shareef-3)

Sudan’s Military Industry Corporation (MIC) has unveiled an upgraded Russian BTR-70 8×8 called the Shareef-3.

Shareef-3 is fitted with a more fuel-efficient KAMAZ-7403 V8 water-cooled diesel developing 260hp at 2,600 rpm, which gives a maximum road speed of 80 km/h. Shareef-3 retains BTR-70’s amphibious water speed of 8–10 km/h.

The turret is replaced with one from the Russian BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicle (IFV), armed with a 73 mm 2A28 gun and a 7.62 mm PKT machine gun (MG). To allow the turret basket to be retained complete with gunner’s seat, an additional spacer is fitted between the turret and the hull.

Shareef-3 retains the launcher rail for the Russian 9M14 Malyutka (Sagger) anti-tank guided weapon, although this was not fitted to the vehicle shown at the IDEX exhibition in February.

Aside from the commander, gunner, and driver, the Shareef-3 carries six dismounts seated on two bench seats in the middle of the troop compartment. Dismounts can exit via roof hatches or side hatches between the second and third road wheels.

As with the BTR-70, steering is power-assisted on the front four wheels and a central tyre pressure system is standard.

Darek Liam

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