Counter-insurgency: Nigeria and Russia to sign military cooperation

As the anti-terror operations continues, Nigeria is looking to sign a military technical cooperation deal with Russia.

The Nigerian ambassador to Russia said on Friday, 11 October that President Muhammadu Buhari hopes to enter talks with Vladimir Putin this month.

President Buhari will meet Putin at the sidelines of a Russia-Africa summit in Sochi.

Over the years, Moscow has been seeking to increase its influence in Africa.

In an interview Russia’s RIA news agency, Nigerian envoy Steve Ugbah said. “We’re sure that with Russian help we’ll manage to crush Boko Haram, given Russia’s experience combating Islamic State in Syria.”

Steve also added that Nigeria was interested in purchasing Russian helicopters, planes, tanks and other military equipment.

A military technical cooperation deal between Russia and Nigeria had already been drafted and waiting to be finalized.

“We hope president Buhari can take the talks to their logical end … The agreement will open new possibilities in such areas as the supply of military equipment and training for specialists,” he said.

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