Egyptian military now flying Mi-24 ‘Hind’ helicopter

Egypt is now operating an unknown number of the Soviet built Mi-24 ‘Hind’ assault helicopter, according to video footage released on 13 January by the country’s Ministry of Defence.

A video showed two of the helicopters with the EAF markings taking part in the Qadir 2020 exercises and flying alongside Egyptian Sea King, AH-64 and Ka-52helicopters.

Although, there was no official sale of the Mi-24 to Egypt was ever published, however, the country was linked in 2014 to a prospective sale of the Mi-35 which did not materialise.

In late 2019, satellite images showing the helicopters at Burg El-Arab airport near Alexandria.

So far, the Egyptian military now fields three heavy attack helicopters including the Mi-24 ‘Hind’, Ka-52 ‘Black Shark’, and AH-64 Apache. The country’s military is also a major operator of Mil helicopters, including approximately 50 Mi-8/Mi-8Ts and armed Mi-17V-5.

Part of the video footage shows the U.S. made Boeing AH-64 Apache helicopter operating alongside the Russian built Ka-52 ‘Black Shark’ attack helicopter on Egypt’s Mistral class helicopter carrier.

Darek Liam

Darek Liam is the North African editor for AMB, where he writes about the intersection of Technology and national security. He has been covering defense and national security issues for more than a decade, previously as African Union correspondent.

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