Algeria donates 53 utility vehicles to Mali

Algeria has delivered the first batch of 53 logistics and utility vehicles to Mali in a show of support as the country battles Islamist militants.

The vehicles which was handed over this Wednesday, May 27, at the President Modibo Keita International Airport in Bamako-Sénou by the Algerian Ambassador, HE Mr. Boualem Chebihi.

The Malian Minister of Defense and Veterans Affairs, General of Division Ibrahima Dahirou Dembélé, and his counterpart of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Tiébilé Dramé were both in attendance.

The 53 vehicles which includes heavy duty trucks, troops transports, mobile fuel tanks, ambulance and other utility vehicles will be used to strengthen the various batallions currently in Mali.

According to Major General Ibrahima Dahirou Dembélé, it will make it possible to strengthen the operational capacities of FAMa in securing the national territory and the populations, and also to fight against terrorism and violent extremism.

Few weeks ago, Algeria apparently donated some light, heavy armament materials with logistical materials for the equipment of a battalion said Major General Ibrahima Dahirou Dembélé.

The Malian Armed Forces have been receiving several vehicles from different countries in recent times. This February, the United Arab Emirates donated 15 4×4 Streit Cougar APC and 30 Typhoon Mine resistance and ambush protected vehicle to Mali.

The European Union also donated in early August, some 29 Casspir MRAPs for security purposes.

Patrick Kenyette

I speak through my camera lens.

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