ADG to equip Egypt’s Husky mine detection vehicles with radar, ROWS

AirBoss Defence Group (ADG) has been given a contract to equip Egypt’s Husky 2G mine detection vehicles with ground penetrating radar, remotely operated weapon stations and other equipment.

It is being marketed through a partnership between DCD PM and US-based Critical Solutions International (CSI).

As part of an already existing contract signed in 2017, ADG will provide ground penetrating radar (Gpr), self defence remotely operated weapon stations (SDROWS), interrogation arms and field service representative (FSR).
The 2017 contract was first awarded to Critical Solutions International (CSI), an ADG company, as a part of the company’s 5-year requirements contract with Army Contracting Command – Warren (ACC-WRN), and are planned to begin by the end of 2020 with material deliveries to begin in Q1 2021 and be delivered over a 24-month period.

The Husky is a blast-survivable, vehicle that deploys radar and othet sensor systems for countermine and non-conventional explosive detection, designed and manufactured by South African firm, DCD Protected Mobility (DCD PM).

Egypt had received its vehicles by early 2019.

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