Spectrum sophisticated IT, OSINT and social monitoring solutions for business and government market

  1. Our possibilities – your successes
    Governmental authorities, security services, intelligence and law enforcement agencies, private sector are interested in obtaining quite specific information on specific people, organizations, products, and events in quite concrete places (geographical points, sites, social networks or local databases). In other words, the necessary information needs to be found and analyzed. Our system Spectrum has been created for such specialized search and analysis.
  2. Search for data, data mining, analyzing, monitoring topics and trends in the social media.
  3. The System is constructed on unique technologies Social Network Analysis, BigData, processing of not structured data on use of specialized mathematical methods and special algorithms of visualization, the linguistic text analysis (semantic analysis, place names, authors, definition of duplications) and provides gathering and storage of content, target audience’ estimation, datamining, Alpha index calculation (index of influence of user) depending on social communications (followers, activity of dialogue, reposts, comments).
  4. Our resources
    E-media, Social Networks, Messengers
    Automatization monitoring of information space (sites, social networks, messengers so on), identification text or visual content, intellectual detection of emotions (Sentiment-analyses), dissemination level or intensity of some topics in information space, detection of top trends, events, face news, identifying of sources of information operation.
  5. Basic system configuration
    Block of working with data sources. These are connectors with all necessary types of sources (news lines, social networks, messengers, local databases of the customer, etc.), and also necessary mechanisms of masking. It serves for making possibility of obtaining necessary information, parallelization of collection processes, proxying and prevention of system identification of the Customer.
    Block of query and analysis. It is the main unit for the user. It contains necessary tools for working with system, beginning from information search (choice of data source, choice of data type, and choice of geographical places of search), analysis tools of received information, monitoring tools and report making tools.
  6. Module of data collection
    • Data collection from open sources (News Sites, Telegram, Social Networks Facebook, VKontakte, Twitter, Odnoklassniki, LinkedIn, YouTube) according to previously defined criteria or means of special language of queries
    • Automated data collection concerning objects of interest.
    • Detection in social networks such groups, which are potential sources of thematic information.
    • Reliable preservation of obtained data corresponding to criteria of search with such parameters as publication time, publication heading, subtitle, URL address (source), publication text, information about author, etc.)
    • Collecting metadata (time, region, rating, quantity repost, etc.)
    • Collecting geolocation data (on specified coordinates)
  7. Module of logical analysis
    • ties analysis between people, including likes and comments
    • building of social ties and contacts in the social networks’ groups to third level with the subsequent visualization, building of group structure, determination of the most active participants, determination of user’s activity for the specified period
    • detection, classification, identification of sources, participants and ways of purposeful distribution of information among users of social networks, and on the news sites including substantial doubles
    • automatic classification of information according some criteria, making of unified format and possibility of data export in certain formats
    • analysis by means of mathematical logic operations and data visualization
    • tracking of reaction of users of social networks to some information events and forecasting of scenarios of development of these events on the basis of statistical data
  8. Module of text and images analysis
    • It can be used as the separate decision and is intended for the automatic content analysis
    • identification of keywords in text (some algorithms)
    • automatic thematic classification of texts
    • automatic annotation of big texts
    • automatic building of thematic dictionaries
    • context search
    • Sentiment analysis
    • automatic images recognition on more than 1000 thematic classes is also possible
    • text analysis tools with 73 languages
  9. Monitoring module. Tracking some changes in profiles of people or groups or organizations on some time period and with some periodicity, and show the monitoring’ results on graphs
  10. Profiling module. providing dossiers on physical person or organization
  11. Visualization module.
    • building logical connections on graph
    • dashboards with quantitative data
  12. Reports’ module
    • automatized generation of reports in defining format (*.doc, *.pdf)
    • export of searching results with tune up’ possibility
    • exports of logical analysis and visualization results
  13. Administration module
    • management of the functional rights of both certain users and groups of users
    • automatic registration of all user’s actions in system

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