Kalashnikov futuristic MP-155 Ultima Smart Shotgun

Kalashnikov group to present MP-155 Ultima, the first smart shotgun in Russia, at IDEX exhibition in Abu-Dhabi

At the largest Middle Eastern arms exhibition IDEX-2021, which will be held in Abu-Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates from February 21 to February 25, the Kalashnikov group is presenting a new product for the civilian market – smart shotgun MP 155 Ultima.

External parts of the shotgun are made out of B95T (7075) aluminum and high-strength polymers

MP 155 Ultima is the first smart shotgun in Russia. This shotgun is based on a proven and reliable classic MP-155 hunting shotgun with requests from modern customers in mind.

“You can compare market entry of Ultima in the firearms industry to a new iPhone entering the market of mobile phones. Our new smart shotgun has a futuristic design, can synchronize with gadgets and is aimed at people who cannot live without their smart devices. Nothing like that has ever appeared in the market,” said Dmitry Tarasov, CEO of the Kalashnikov Group.

MP 155 Ultima has a modular design, which allows a customer to customize the shotgun for his needs. External parts of the shotgun are made out of B95T (7075) aluminum and high-strength polymers. The shotgun could be equipped with a camera that can record and live stream in Full HD, has a digital display with a clock, compass, stopwatch, shot counter, and round count indicator. The computer is located inside an adjustable stock.

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