Veecraft launches third Hotel Survey Motor boat SMB 3

Veecraft marine, part of Paramount Group, has launched the third and final survey motor boat for the South African Navy’s Project Hotel hydrographic survey vessel.

The survey motor boat (SMB 3) was launched in Cape Town on 29 January, it is part of a 3-ship program meant to operate on the new hydrographic vessel.

Veecraft as well as KD Marine Design, Southern Power, Volvo Penta, Humphree AB and Unique Group collaborated in building the survey motor boats.

According to Veecraft during the vessel launch, the vessels will enhance the capabilities and infrastructure of the South African Navy Hydrographic Office (SANHO) for many years to come.

Veecraft is also working with prime contractor Sandock Austral Shipyards in building the new hydrographic survey vessel to replace the SAS Protea.

The first survey boat (SMB 1) was launched on 25 August last year, it undertook standard Harbour trials and Sea Acceptance testing before being delivered to the South African Navy.

The second survey motor boat (SMB 2) was launched in Capetown on 16 November 2020.

The survey boats were built as part of the upgrade of the South African Navy Hydrographic Office (SANHO) facilities and capabilities, under Project Hotel.

Project Hotel comprises of three Survey Motor Boats and a Sea Boat. Apparently, construction of the hull of the sea boat is almost complete and will be delivered on schedule.

Sandock Austral Shipyards (SAS) provided specialised systems engineering and project management. This class of vessels’ survey equipment includes multi and single beam echo-sounders as well as side-scan sonar and a seabed sampler to recover material from the seafloor and underlying sub-strata for detailed analytical and testing purposes.

These vessels can survey shallow waters in depths of up to 300 metres.

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