The Nigerian Air force secret purchase of 36D6 TIN SHIELD Air Defense Radar.

A 36D6 Tin Shield Air Defense Radar
A 36D6 Tin Shield Air Defense Radar

The Nigerian Military  high command recently acquired some old Soviet era 36D6 NATO code name [Tin Shield] mobile Air Defence Radar for its Air Force. The air defense Radar was purchased under a heavy cloak of secrecy. The Nigerian Military has been known to buy equipment and weapons platforms randomly and without clear guidelines or policies.

However, The 36D6 Tin Shield air defense Radar was designed to detect air targets and perform basic low-level Interrogation Friend or Foe (IFF). The Radar can also provide Targeting, Range and Bearing of Active jamming.
It is more effective if employed to work in tandem with other Radar, integration of Command and control [C2] of Anti-aircraft guided missiles a capability the Nigerian military doesn’t have.

The 36D6 is capable of detecting low, medium and high altitude aerial targets with Radar Cross-Section [RCS] of as low as 0.1m. The Tin Shield can be integrated into the overall Air Defence structure, as part of an anti-aircraft defence force [C-300PMU], or independently as a land based observation,surveillance and air detection command post. Although, not much is known if it can be integrated with the Nigerian owned Roland air defense missile system.

The 36D6 is a highly mobile radar system due to fast changeover from travel position to fire position and vice versa. Additionally, the station is equipped with a gyro-compass to provide self-orientation during transit. The radar system itself and the power station (version without tower) are mounted on 2 trucks.

The radar system can operate effectively under heavy active and passive jamming conditions.

The purchase of this type of Radar system is a commendable move by the Nigerian Government, but ironically the real issue remain how many units was procured and in what condition? Does the deal include support from the manufacturer [such as Training, Maintenance and Spares e.t.c]? The Nigerian defense acquisition process is fraught with corruption and unnecessary secrecy.

The 36D6 air defense radar is a capable system but its a far cry from current 21st century modern Air Defence such as Active Phased Array Radar, RASIT or the Chinese JLP-40 Surveilance Radar type of Radars. However, If procured in sufficient numbers could boost the country’s Almost non-existent Air Defence posture.

36D6 (Tin Shield) Radar Specifications

Target detection range of the area. reflections of 0.1 m2:
night, at the height . 100m : 42 km
night, at the height . 1000-6000 m not less than 80 km
night, at the height . 2000-18000 m : not less than 147 km
at the height of 60 m. not less than 20 km
night, at the height . 100-300 m : not less than 30 km

Maximum height of detection : 20 km

The accuracy of location :

Distance : 250 m
Azimuth : 20 ‘
height: 400 m

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