Nigerian Army modernization efforts.

Nigerian Army troop
Whenever the word ‘Nigerian Military’ is mentioned the first impression people gets is an old, dilapidated, corrupt, inefficient and unprofessional military force. The Nigerian forces has been largely updated on account of their current battle against the Boko-Haram terrorist (BHT). African Military Blog has brought to you cool pictures of the ‘NEW’ Nigerian Military men but first here’s their ‘old’ pictures.

Nigerian troops trying to recover Baga from Boko Haram Terrorists


Nigerian troops heading to Sierra Leone
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Nigerian troops in Sierra Leone
Nigerian troops
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Nigerian troops
Nigerian soldiers patrol Panshekara district on the outskirts of the northern city of Kano 19/04/2007. (Radu Sigheti/Courtesy Reuter)
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Nigerian troops in Jos, Nigeria.
Nigerian troops

Well there you have it. Now here is the ‘NEW’ Nigerian Military pictures.

The Nigerian Military has morphed into a more modern force which attempts to transform itself more capable of handling current threats especially internal related crises. Furthermore, the three branch of the military has acquired assorted combat systems though most of them discreetly and through underground channels, recent acquisitions by the military includes high-tech drones, Main Battle Tanks, Helicopters and different aircraft.

Recently local media reported that Nigerian Army has just set-up a Tactical Bike Battalion (TBB) which role is to undertake hot and fast pursuit of BHT element in the northern part of the country where they are currently battling with the Armed Forces. Though this type of unit has been in existence in other nations military but it is quite a surprise to see the Nigerians adapting to this type of highly mobile warfare.

The Nigerian Military has being known to be rigid in changing and adapting to current tactics and technology of war which has led to inefficiency in undertaking even menial duties in and out of the country. Fortunately the ever changing tactics of the Boko Haram Terrorist which are aligned to ISIS and Al Qaeda at the same time has forced the Military high command to look back at their drawing board critically and make bold changes.


Nigerian Army bike squad


Nigerian Air Force CH-3 Drone

Nigerian Army Special Force during live fire training
Nigerian Navy SBS during it’s formative years
Nigerian Navy SBS Vessel Boarding




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