Russia pushing all boundaries to supply Egypt’s Ka-52 attack Helicopter.

Ka-52 painted in desert camouflage scheme which might indicate that the first unit ready for delivery.

The Russians are currently in a flurry of activities to meet up with Egypt’s order for the Ka-52 attack helicopter. The Egypt order includes 32 units of the Ka-52K (Katran) which is the naval version of the Ka-52 Alligator and 46 Units of the ‘standard’ Ka-52 Alligator. Just recently, Kamov Helicopters the makers of the Alligator helicopter release photos of the Ka-52 helicopter meant for the Egypt painted in yellow factory colors. 

However, earlier today (08-June-2017) Kamov Helicopters also release a new batch of photos showing the first Egypt’s  Ka-52 ‘standard’ version helicopter ready for delivery. The new photo shows a Ka-52 painted in desert camouflage scheme which might indicate that the first unit is ready for delivery.
Egypt and Russia inked the deal for 32 Ka-52K in the December 2015, which will be operated from the two Egyptian Navy Mistral class Helicopter Carrier, the Mistrals were both originally intended for the Russian Navy and can carry 16 helicopters.
Two Ka-52 can be seen in this picture
It is not known if the Naval version or the ‘standard’ version will be delivered first although according to the photo it seems the ‘standard’ version is ready for flight operations. The ka-52 Alligator is an all weather attack helicopter a development of the Ka-50 Black Shark which has an unconventional rotor blade arrangement with side-by-side crew seating. The Ka-52 will be used for anti-terrorist combat operations since the  Egyptian Forces are currently battling terrorist elements in the volatile Sinai peninsula.
.The helicopter is fitted with four underwing hard-points capable of carrying various armaments which includes but not limited to Precision Guided Munition, Rocket pods, Dumb bombs and Air-to-Air missiles. It is also equipped with a 30 mm 2A42 gun with up to 240 rounds of ammunition and advance Russian avionics.
Kamov 52 specs (Credit

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