Isotrex Legion armoured vehicle spotted in Nigeria

At least 10 Isotrex Legion armoured vehicles made in the United Arab Emirates were spotted at the Tin Can Island, Lagos earlier this month.

The Isotrex Legion vehicles were awaiting custom clearance before being deployed to quell the unrest at various parts of Nigeria, particularly on the northeastern region against Jihadists.

A video published on Social media shows the vehicles in their factory gray scheme and turretless, hushed acquisitions like this is quite normal in Nigeria following the country’s procurement policies.

It is believed that this batch of Isotrex Legion armoured vehicles is part of the recent haul which includes several Isotrex Phantom-2 armoured vehicles.

In January, at least eight Isotrex Phantom-2s were seen lined-up with other vehicles staging for the opening offensive of Operation ‘Tura Takaibango’ counter-terror operation.

On 3 January, the Nigerian Army launched “Operation Tura Takaibango”, a sub-campaign of the well-known Operation Lafiya Dole to completely rid the dreaded Alagarno of terrorist elements.

The Isotrex Phantom-2 vehicles were also painted in a factory desert livery, quite different from the Nigerian Army’s usual desert camouflage scheme, indicating that they were a recent delivery.

Furthermore, images published on social media shows several burnt out and completely destroyed Phantom 2 armoured vehicles.

The UAE-made Isotrex MRAP is designed for rough terrain, difficult climatic and environment conditions while providing maximum protection, comfort and safety for its crew.

Meanwhile, the Isotrex Legion APC features a v-shaped design and provides protection as per STANAG 4569, according to Isotrex.

The type is usually fitted with an IMX-23 turret with a protection level of STANAG or a remotely operated weapons station depending on user’s requirements.

The turret can mount 5.56 mm, 7.6 mm, and 12.7mm machine guns.

The multipurpose Isotrex Legion armoured vehicle can be modified for various mission roles that include Ambulance, Heavy Cargo, Reconnaissance, and Special Operations Variants.

The Legion APC features Cummins ISLe 375, Euro 3 electronically controlled engine, ALLISON 6-speed automatic transmission.

Options for the Legion vehicle includes NBC System, Automatic Fire Extinguishing System, Communication Systems, Add On Armor (Ballistic and Mine), Jamming Systems, Self Recovery Winch, and Various FLIR Camera Systems.

Ekene Lionel

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