Moroccan Air Force’s F-16s en route to UAE for advanced tactical Leadership Course Exercise

Moroccan Air Force F-16 goes to UAE

The Royal Moroccan Air Force f-16 fighter jets are currently en route to the United Arab Emirate (UAE) to participate in the biannual training exercise culled Advanced Tactical Leadership Course (ATLC). This year’s event would take place at Al Dhafra Airbase in UAE in which the Royal Moroccan Air Force would deploy its F-16 C/Ds. The Royal Moroccan Air Force has in its inventory F-5s Tiger, Mirage F1s and about forty Lockheed Martin’s F-16C Block 52+. The UAE contingent is expected to include it’s F-16Es and some Dassault Mirage 2000-9 multirole fighter jets

Two moroccan air force f-16

The ATLC is a bilateral training exercise usually organized by the U.S and the UAE to prepare servicemen in the region on coalition operations so as to enhance synergy between various partner nations. The United States Air Force Central Command (AFCENT) and Air Warfare center (AWC) coordinates the exercise.

The course aims to qualify students as air warfare mission commanders and teach them how to operate with other nation’s aircraft. The exercise occurs twice a year.

A moroccan air force f-16 jet in a hanger

A moroccan air force f-16 jet in flight

Four moroccan air force mirage f1 in flight
Al pterygium air base of the united Arab Emirates with the participation of #forces
In the background, one of the early warning and airborne control aircraft is a Boeing E-3 Sentry and one of the French military military aircraft, Atlas Atlas Atlas, and one of the 17 strategic military aircraft. #Globe 3#
And in the front of the image from right to the left, the British fighters, 16 c block 52, 16., 52 Moroccan, 16 how and 60 how. And Mirage 2000 Dash 9 Emirati and French Rafal and thousands of Australian and ạltwrnydw Saudi

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